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    what sd card are you using and did you use right dtb file(device tree) first time.Only asking as i know they have different write speeds.i got my box cheap and wasnt expecting much but its performed quite well with kodi on android.

    the x96 pro xnano seems a little more expensive than mine.Trouble is theres so many makes and variations hard to find firmware if you need it

    Has anyone had any luck booting from sd card with x96/s905x and can this box or any android box be booted from usb.I thought id bought a 1gb/8 box but storage and kodi are showing a 2gb/16 box so i might need to try a few divice trees .I believe maybe a sandisk ultra card will be good to try with.Would 8gb card be enough or would 16gb be best,


    thanks but its no big problem just fishing for any quick theories.I do have an m6 box which is bricked with only blue light .Ive tried to connect usb burning tool as instructed on various threads but cant get it to even connect.It could be the cable im using which is only about a foot long maybe not right one.if i could connect maybe theres hope to flash something lol

    i have libreelec on usb stick played by asrock ion 330 and its fine.I also have it on a old mx2 playing fine except one addon which is slightly jerky on mx2 but fine on the asrock.Its no major problem but was curious to know what might cause this with just 1 addon.Its only slightly jerky almost watchable,

    Say i view video addons in a repository and go back to home screen then click system then addons instead of going to the install from zip file,repository menu it goes straight to the video addons in the repository i last viewed.It will bypass the main menu installfrom zip file etc and go to last page i visited.Only option i have is to reboot .

    hi im newbie and inherited an mx2 with libreelec 8.0.2 on the nand been reading and trying to digest the all the interesting posts and wondered if i made sd card with ext3 format and labelled it libreelec_disk would it boot from sd card or isnt it quite that simple now i already have it on nand.Only asking cause i believe nand wears out on these boxes.

    thanks advice apprieciated