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    As you are a beginner, I suggest you to remain with stable LibreELEC (LE 8.2) and Librespot (from the LibreELEC repository).

    In LibreELEC, goto Add-ons/Downloads/Services/Librespot.

    Then select Librespot on a Spotify app (on your mobile phone, PC, etc)

    I was using an older version of Libreelec. Now is working fine with libreelec 8.2.1 and my IQaudio Pi Dac Plus. It sounds great!!! Thank u very much!

    Hi everyone! I need some help.

    I dont know how to install the addon on Libreelec, in my Raspberry Pi 3. I've been reading the forum, but I dont find the way to do it. So if someone could give me the instructions to do it (Im a beginner), I will apreciate it very much.

    Thanks to everybody, specially to awiouy! Great work!!