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    I tried to replace 104&106 codes (pageUp/pageDown) in remote.conf by 59&60 (F1/F2), not forgetting to make this for both key_begin and repeat_key_begin definitions -> chan+/- buttons still detected by keymap editor but still the wrong behaviour when remapping to channel up/down (=no single press channel switching).

    So this problem is not related to the fact channel +/- remote buttons were mapped to pageUp/pageDown.

    And now I cannot even reproduce what I managed earlier today when mapping keyboard keys to channel up/down, now it result in the same wrong behaviour... I'm sure I got it to work and was able to switch channel with a single press when I remapped channel up/down to keyboard keys, and it doesn't work anymore now.

    Arghh this is driving me crazy, so many hours spent already without being able to solve such a trivial problem.

    Thanks kszaq ! remote.conf from your first link made the chan+/- buttons work again (and detected by keymap editor extension).

    Now they are still producing the same behaviour than doing UP/DOWN = they bring up channel information overlay and I need a second press to get the channel switching.

    I would like to make chan+/- buttons switch directly to next/previous channel (at 1st press). I know it is doable in krypton because it works if I remap channel up/down (global PVR mapping in keymap editor) to unused keys of my wireless keyboard. But if I map those to the chan +/- remote buttons it still acts as if I was doing up/down in live TV (= brings up overlay and need a 2nd press to switch channel).

    I see in the working remote.conf you linked the chan+/- buttons are mapped as pageUp/pageDown, I would guess this is why I don't get 1 press channel switching even when remapping those remote buttons to channel up/down in global PVR mapping, right ? What change do I need to do to solve that ?

    I cannot solve an issue with wetek play 2 official remote:

    On 8.2.3 official chan+/chan- remote buttons were working.

    I switched to kszaq using tar update (SSHed "touch /storage/.update/.nocompat" command first) and have set the wetek play 2 dtb.img.

    chan+/chan- buttons from the remote are not working anymore.

    Those buttons are not caught by keymap editor extension when I try to edit a mapping.

    I grabbed 2 remote.conf from the internal ATV rom (ricardo's ATV rom, there was remote.conf and remote1.conf) and tried both with (renaming the remote1.conf to remote.conf of course). With remote.conf the result is the same than with no remote.conf, all buttons work excepting chan+/-. With remote1.conf no button work anymore.

    I have put remote.conf back, rebooted, then dmesg -c gives me this when pressing chan+ and chan- buttons:

    and here is how those buttons are described in remote.conf from ATV:

    0x41 402 # channel up

    0x42 403 # channel down

    I have tried tried to replace 402 & 403 by 192 & 193 (which are linux codes for chan+ and chan- (but those are already correct in the above dmesg screens) and the buttons still don't work and are not scanned by keymap editor extension.

    Anyone understand what is happening here ?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm on a wetek play 2 with dvb-t tuner. I have tested the official 8.2.3 before realizing this version from kzsaq could be better optimized for that box.

    I'd like to try but keeping a backup from my current 8.2.3.

    Have someone already done such backup using Win32DiskImager ? I have done some backups already (lakka) and it seems to have copied the whole microSD but I wasn't able to verify yet if the restore would work (I got only 1 microSD the wetek can recognize).

    Alternatively I have this other microSD from samsung, 16GB class 6, that the wetek doesn't recognize (mount error at boot). I know some samsung microSD may not work with the wetek, but I also checked how were the partitions compared to my other 2GB microSD that works:

    - with the 2GB microSD I have a 512MB fat16 partition hosting LE and a 2nd partition of unknown type (EasusUS say "other" for type) using all the remaining 1.4GB.

    - with the 16GB microSD I have the 512MB partition, then the partition of type "other" is only 32MB and the 14GB left remain unpartitionned.

    Could this be the cause of the wetek not managing to mount the 16GB microSD at boot ? I tried both LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator and Etcher to burn the image to the microSD and both create the partitions the same way and the wetek fail to mount it at boot.

    On the 8.2.3 official / kszaq subject:

    - it seems krypton default behaviour for channel switching is you need to press chan+ or chan- button on the remote twice to switch channel because the 1st press only brings up the channel information overlay and only the next press switch to next/previous channel. Is it possible to modify that to have the channel switch at the 1st key press as in jarvis ?

    - on the 8.2.3 official the channel switching seems slower compared to jarvis, it seems buffering last longer, is it due to krypton or may improve that ? (predictive channel switching already enabled in TVH client)

    - I have seen a trick here concerning another box and consisting in linking the usb port of the box to the tv usb port in order to make the box power ON automatically when the tv is powered ON, would this work with the wetek play 2 too ? Any risk of burning the box or the TV by linking both using their respective usb ports ?

    - with 8.2.3 official I had this issue when powering ON the wetek after powering the TV: LE switched to 720p 60hz instead of 1080p 50Hz, and I lost the 50hz setting (refresh rate option greyed and stuck at 60hz). I have seen a trick advised here to someone who wanted to use a hdmi splitter and consisting in forcing LE to use the EDID previously read from the TV, would this work to prevent the issue I describe when powering the box while the TV is still in sleep mode ? (or maybe doesn't have this issue ?)