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    I've noticed some keys are not working :
    - media, music, app, fast forward and fast rewind

    Thanks that works very well. Just a shame those 5 buttons don't work which forced me to leave some commands out.
    That you can't realy use the mouse button is a good thing though. I overwrote my navigation buttons so the mous was the only way to reset that mistake.

    You don't know an addon or something that would let me navigate to a specific folder in my library by pressing just one button?
    I found "open window in tv shows - titles" in keymap editor but that is not quiet what I was looking for.

    Hi there,
    I've set up my "mini M8S II" with kszaq's latest Libreelec v. and used "PUTTY" to write the OS to the internal storage drive. That worked very well.
    Now I want to set up my Logitech Harmony 350 as remote control but I can't find a tutorial specific for this OS to map all the buttons for the KODI commands I want to install.
    Until now for my KODI setup I've used a Windows PC with a FLIRC USB dongle to record keybord commands on my harmony and alter the keybord.xml in KODIs installation folder.
    I assume with Libreelec on my s905x device I have to use "PUTTY" and some lirc commands to map the buttons.
    That would look similar to this: LIRC setup for Raspberry PI but the exact command for our libreelec of couse would be differently.

    Is there a similar tutorial for our libreelec?

    tried installing with usb stick and all worked fine. I just wonder how my sd card can be damaged because just before the installation it worked flawless. I mean I can copy files from and to the 511 mb partition rufus has created to run libreelec on my s905x device. I just can't get rid of that partition anymore. Rufus shows 32 GB and no defects after testing.
    I think I'll try to get myselve a proper card reader.

    I'm sorry to bother you but I have a bit of a problem with my micro SD card I wrote this lovely OS on. First it worked very well on my mini M8S II but now it says at system start Libreelec is damaged beyond repair, so I tried to overwrite the sd card but it won't let me.
    The 500 MB partition that was created using the rufus formatting tool can't be erased any more, no matter what I try. I even tried diskpart in the cmd.exe but no luck. Maybee I have to use a real card reader instead of my htc legend mobile phone?
    I don't have one and I don't know if buying on will solve my problem. I have an usb stick I could try it with but I'm afraid it will show the same problem afterwards and become as useless as my sd card now is.
    Any suggestions?

    I have read that with all S905 devices Full 3D frame-packed videos are resized in their resolution to Full HD Top Bottom 3D videos. Is this still an issue that can be resolved or is this some kind of hardware limitation?

    These images seem amazing. Is there any chance you will build similar images for amlogic s905x based devices? I think the first Nexbox A95X devices with S905x, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC Storage are available for pre-order now.