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    I don't know if this will work, but there are a couple of roms at Freaktab

    [ROM] AlfaWise H96 PRO+ 3/16Gb - 3/32Gb - 3/64Gb - SCV7A 7.1.2 (DDR3/DDR4 and 9377 Wifi Chipset) -

    I have been using Superceleron`s rom since the very first for H96 PRO+. It has never worked properly for me... but hey, my Raspberry Pi3 also does not shutdown so I just leave it on and don`t care. Would not leave the H96 PRO+ running non stop, at some point it will burn my apartment down :)

    Yep, that`s true, I am still not sure why the local mount or system mount is better or faster than a program mount, but the difference is mind blowing.

    Also what is interesting is that we know in Kodi 17/18 there is no Samba browsing, but some users (the case is a user running latest Samba server on Ubuntu) is able to browse his Samba shares directly through Kodi.

    For me - I have to manually add smb://ip to be in the game...


    some more updates, in case somebody else with a Zyxel NSA325v2 (older NAS) and a RPi3. In the Kodi forum I got areply from zehner, who said:

    I have the same NAS and a Pi2 and a Pi3 and after a few optimizations I can stream blurays even via WIFI, so your hardware should not be the limiting factor. Recommended optimizations (let's assume you have no errors in your configuration)

    Prefer linux system mounts (fstab) over KODI mounts (smb://). Really a huge difference (nearly double the speed) in my tests a few years ago


    So I decided to give it a go, flashed brand new LibreELEC 8.2.3 on my RPi3 and mounted my NAS from command line (SSH):

    mount -t cifs -o sec=none,vers=1.0 // /storage/nas

    Now - that`s the interesting part, I cannot connect to my NAS if not using sec=none and vers=1.0, will not go into details here why, because what`s more important...

    Started Kodi, default setup:

    - No MPG2/WVC1 codecs eenabled

    - No additionalsettings.xml created, i.e. using default cache (20MB)

    - gpu_mem = 256

    ... And it all work flawlessly!!!!

    As seen I have went to great lengths in tearing down my home network (firmware updates, samba updates, etc, etc), and at the end this made the best impact so far.

    Interested in milhouse and smp and ChimeyJimmey opinion.

    Zehner also told me that:

    I don't think the SMB updates in LE are the source of your problem, because I have seen the same performance difference in Ubuntu, Suse, Gentoo, ... A system mount (fstab) is always faster as a program mount (e.g. Dolphin in KDE)

    For everybody with same issues, I did not change my fstab, but rather created with following details:

    #! /bin/sh

    (sleep 5;

    mount -t cifs -o sec=none,vers=1.0 // /storage/nas

    So that`s it, hope this helps someone else:))

    Nope. Waiting for a good u-boot for H96pro +...

    Right now it’s a lottery.

    I am so fed up I turned from S912 back to Rpi3. Not ideal as well, but at least doesn’t kill my aound from tv when powered off 😂

    Hello guys,

    thought that would be helpful to share my experience so far. Got some hints from ChimeyJimmey to adjust advancedsettings.xml. In fact it turned out I was using Kodi`s default cache which is 20MB.

    So I tried all kind of settings, right now I am running with this config in advancedsettings.xml






    So this is almost 140MB of cache, which requires as per Kod`s wiki x3 the amount of RAM, i.e. 140MB of cache requires 420MB of RAM.

    Then there is the other thing. Found an old post from Milhouse where he explains:

    The default in OpenELEC for the Pi2 is 256MB.

    I've found that when running the GUI at 1080 with high colour depth and higher quality fanart/imageres settings in advancedsettings.xml, gpu_mem=320 is necessary to eliminate resource issues.

    So I set my gpu mem to 320:

    LibreELEC:~/.kodi/userdata # vcgencmd get_mem gpu


    At the end now the Rpi3 has 688 MB memory left (420MB of it can be used for cache) leaving 286MB for Kodi which is... well... tight.

    Anyway - now all the stutter and lag is gone, even when streaming 40GB mkv files from my NAS.

    I guess that my memorysize is not ideal, but I will have to tweak it to get to the lowest workable for my box and network.

    Anyway - wanted you to know - now it`s solved!

    p.s. It`s interesting what the change to default cache is in Kodi 18, I guess the same? Then it`s interesting why in Kodi 18 I do not have any issues, even do not have to create advancedsettings.xml to increase cache and increase gpu mem... let`s see.

    Hi there, so this is a solution: from Kodi under LibreELEC, just shutdown - > reboot from internal. This will boot into Android where you can safely power off. Next time you power on -> LibreELEC SD card is in your box -> and voilla, you have it :)

    Okay, some further test with my own H96pro + 3/32:

    - Power the device by plugin the power supply

    - boot LibreELEC via sd card

    - LibreELEC -> reboot to internal memory

    - Box boots Android

    - Power off Android - Tv turns off (via CEC), receiver though stays on. If I use the TV`s remote it`s better, both TV+receiver power off

    - H96 box is not really down, you can ping it, connect to it, I guess it`just shuts the HDMI. There is the Power Off option, but after that it`s a dead man, only hard unplug/plug power supply brings it back.

    - Power on Android via the box - Android shines

    - Restart Android

    - Tv turns off, receiver turns off

    - Wait 10 seconds

    - Tv starts, receiver starts, and then LibreELEC

    Well, not so bad at all but honestly I preffer to plug/unplug it every time, probably that`d be easier:)

    I had this issue on my box since forever, i.e. since it came to me with the very first crappy "original" alfawise crap Android 6 firmware.

    Absolutely agree with @ChimeyJimmey

    Probably I should mention other relevant info for the "undecided" that want to explore S912 and LibreELEC as it can be a painful experience. First take into consideration all the limitation as per the post above.

    Second, when you get your chineese box (if you get one) you will have to flash it, else you can forget about LE. Now flashing is the funny part, you will need for sure to buy an USB m a l e to USB m a l e cable and use USB burning tool to flash it.

    And now back to the crappieness of the box. My box has 2 USB ports that are visible on the box. But guess what, you can not use them for ROM flashing. So you have to tear open your box and boom, there is a hidden USB port.

    Why bother writing this? Because after I opened my box for the first time, it never got back to how it used to be, but don`t care. Now the interesting part -> this boxes tend to go very hot because of S912 (a lot of cores and bla bla), so people are modding them like hell.

    You can check here - I guess most of the hardware mods can be applied to many of the Chineese boxes.

    So why I put this together? Just to illustrate that LibreELEC is a bumpy road on S912, but when you get it working, then it`s a pleasure.

    p.s. I still can not fix the damn power off/on, so annoying but I have to live with that. Wonder if we cannot extract the dtb.img from the crappy original Android firmware that comes with those boxes. For H96+ pro there is a stock 7.1 Android. Anybody let me know if I can do something.

    I am using Alfawise H96pro plus 3gb RAM/3gb flash. Bought it last year, was one of the first, being totally aware that libreelec was a dream then for S912, well...

    My version is with the green PCB.

    I am using it with:

    - AlfaWise H96 PRO+ 3/16Gb - 3/32Gb - 3/64Gb - SCV7A 7.1.2 (DDR3/DDR4 and 9377 Wifi Chipset - Superceleron`s latest Android 7.1.2 firmware

    - LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.2- - @kszaq`s build + gxm_q200_3g.dtb

    What can I say? All is flawless. On Android with FTMC (Kodi`s Jarvis fork done by Superceleron) the box get`s to 90°C. With Libreelec it`s significantly better, max hitting 80 (when I do scan for library update). I am booting from a 4gb class6 card but using Android`s storage (thanks to kzsaq`s guide). And I am lazy but if I remove the heatsink and re-apply some proper thermal paste I can get the temps down, but it`s not bothering me at all - normal operating temp under LibreElec 60-80°C.

    Don`t have a 4k TV, but it nails everything down, even DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD which I pass trough to my receiver for decoding.

    I have also a Raspberry Pi3 and I decided to stay with LibreElec on my S912. HDMI CEC works, so I am using my TV`s remote.

    The only issue I have is that when I power off the device, I cannot get it on with the remote. And that`s f*cked up, because when I shutdown my S912 librebox, the HDMI still connected to my receiver and CEC works, so next time, when i power on my TV (through google home mini via chromecast stiched to the receiver) I do not get sound from the TV through the receiver because of the CEC. :)

    It only works when I either power on the S912 box by re-insert the PS into it, or remove the HDMI from the box, to kind of "release" CEC hi jack.

    I did not try with other dtb.img`s but since I ve read it`s a u-boot problem - it wont be ever fixed. It works on Android - that`s what most of the people claim, tested it, works for me, though it`s a "fake" power off only shutting the HDMI, that`s what I read.


    Still it makes for a great box, so I would recommend it. Only bad thing is that... you never know what you get, mine is from the first, recent H96 owners have blue PCBs, or other RAM or Flash, so you know the stories with cheap Chinese box, they put whatever they have, so it`s a lucky show.

    But in reality it smashes the RPi3 in performance. Hooked up to 1GB eth, has wifi 5G, which for me was pretty useless even though I beam with a WRT1900ACS...

    Decided to share for the "undecided" :)

    А, стига, бе! :)) Привет

    Now in english, yep, tried it all. Same damn result, NFS, Samba, all not working. smp even build a LibreELEC 8.2.3 with smb chunk size fixed 64k, but still did not make the difference... Upgraded my samba daemon on my NAS, upgraded WRT1900ACS from CC to LEDE, still the same. I was thinking that`s a NAS issue, but streaming samba from my windows 10 PC deliver the same stuttering result... could be something in my network, but then Kodi 18 works flawlessly.

    With LibreELEC 9.0 and Kodi 18 - no issues at all. The main issue there is that subsunacs/subsab (the bulgarian subtitle plugin) does not work with .rar subtitles archived with rar commercial license. In Kodi 18 this was removed.

    So now I am back to running LibreELEC 8.2 ARM on my H96+ pro box (Amlogic S912) and I can tell you - it`s frakin killing it - 1GB ETH - all very fast, stable, no issues at all. Only issue is with the famous u-boot problem that the box has, but I can live with that (power off with remote cannot power on with remote).

    So that`s my main "no go" with Rpi3 and Libre 9.x now...

    There seems to be NO FIX for this weird situation else than handle subtitles unraring manually. There is unrar plugin, but works only for OpenELEC... :(

    Hi gents,

    my experience so far. After first time I executed: "e2label /dev/data "LIBREELEC_DISK" I got the message "recovering journal". Checked with blkid but /dev/data was not labaled as required.

    So i hit a second time e2label /dev/data "LIBREELEC_DISK" - no recovering journal message but /dev/data changed and now back in business.

    Perfect guide, thanks @kszaq

    What puzzles me is the following. I am experiencing the very same issues like this user here -> PI 2 extremely poor performance video playback

    He just restarted his NAS and voila, it was all working.

    Some background:

    - I have a Zyxel NAS NSA325v2. Samba version was 3.5.6. I upgraded it to 3.6.25

    - I have a Linksys WRT1900ACS. It was running Chaos 15.05 and I upgraded it to LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d

    Did not make any difference :(

    What is mostly strange it that I can play smoothly all videos via uPnP. I tried OpenELEC, LibreELEC, and all Kodi 17 based versions cannot play big video files (30-40gb) via SAMBA.

    But with latest LibreELEC 9.x it all works fine!

    All my devices are hard wired, the NAS is 1gb, the routher is 1gb, the Rpi3 is 100mb.

    I am really out of any ideas. I tried the custom 8.2.3 build with 64k smb chunk size but still no good luck via Samba.

    Any ideas guys?

    Hello smp,

    thanks for your support! I installed -> LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.2.2.img.gz then -> LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.2.3-smb-64k.tar via update folder

    So here are the results, in a nutshell - did not work, i.e starts 35 mkv test.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1

    Buffers 20-40 seconds, runs smooth for 20 seconds and then stutter - audio is passthrough to receiver - audio gets lost + video stutter.

    Tried with and without:

    LibreELEC:~ # vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2


    LibreELEC:~ # vcgencmd codec_enabled WVC1


    Same result.

    Updated to latest LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.0-Milhouse-20180125214619-#0125-g3a70864 and video is up & running. But then I got this very very annoying problem, where Kodi 18 can not unrar the subtitles I download. It seems that in Kodi 18 support for RAR archives with commercial license is removed. So plugin downloads the subtitle but then can not load it. I see that this issue has been around since some months. For OpenElec there is an unrar tool which solves some of it, but does not work on Libre.

    But it works like a charm in Kodi 17... so I am now stuck in catch 22:

    - I can have perfect video on FHD very big MKVs, but no subtitles in [email protected] 9.x or

    - I can have subtitles services but can not watch bigger files in [email protected] 8.x

    I have tried to update the Samba version of my Zyxel NAS (NSA325v) cause it`s running 3.5.6 an old Samba version limited to SMB1, but I doubt that SMB2 will fix it honestly.

    Any ideas what I can do with the "unrar" story? And again, thanks for your efforts! Seems that something else beside increasing the SMB chunk has been changed in Kodi 18 to smoothen the playback. For the record, tested also NFS protocol, same result. My Rpi3 and NAS are both wired.

    Thank you milhouse!

    In fact, your builds are quite stable for me... the issue I got is with a subtitles plugin that downloads subtitles archived with RAR commercial license, and it seems that Kodi 18 removed support for this archive... so it`s very annoying, I wish I`d could pay for using rar in Kodi. Apparently Kodi 17 does not have that issue, I guess unrar works there.

    Found unrar but only for openelec. But anyway - i will stay with 9.0 build, cause I like it, and handle the subtitles topic somehow in another way.

    P.S. any ideas about the unrar topic?

    That`s what is happening:

    18:21:45.114 T:1410331536 NOTICE: *** ('test .rar', 'saving')

    18:21:45.615 T:1410331536 NOTICE: *** (u'/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.subtitles.unacs/temp/test.rar',)

    18:21:45.619 T:1943298064 ERROR: Extract, No archive given

    18:21:45.686 T:1410331536 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--


    Error Type: <type 'exceptions.IndexError'>

    Error Contents: list index out of range

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/service.subtitles.unacs/", line 231, in <module>

    subs = Download(params["ID"],params["link"],params["filename"])

    File "/storage/.kodi/addons/service.subtitles.unacs/", line 146, in Download

    if xbmcvfs.exists(subtitle_list[0]):

    IndexError: list index out of range

    -->End of Python script error report<--

    Thanks mate!

    Installed LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.0-Milhouse-20180124210321-#01 t24-g0290120.tar - > miracle - streaming now all MKVs w/o any issue. I guess it`s related to the samba chunk sizes, probably the latest stable ver 8.2.3 has a different samba client configuration than the new ones.

    But now it`s all okay, thanks again!