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    Nah, the whole idea of using the box is ... to enjoy the fanless silence, I dont like the idea of putting a fan. Though I can dry to box. Adding superglue to my CPU, so it wont be a "next time" replacing thermal paste, I guess...

    For now I just plan to put some kryonaut grizzly and use the old sink, but no usb fans, unless there is something really, really quite but I doubt it.

    Did you mod your boxes in that way, if yes, what fans are you using?

    Hello wrxtasy,

    bought 1 gram kryonaut grizzly thermal paste to replace my shitty (silicon) dip on the H96Pro +, will re-use the existing heatsink. Thing is - will the heatsink still stay in place after mounting it with the new paste? I have installed many fans/heatsinks but on PCs, where there was always a clip to the motherboard, so I am wondering if the paste enough will keep the heatsink attached to the CPU, especially if it runs for 24 hours to fix it :)


    Same here, at some point I realized that we just want to have back the power off/on just because we do not have it, not that we would really use it... honestly, at some point the box becomes transparent, same like everything else in the house, it just works :)

    Under LE is okay, it idles at 60-67 Celsius. If I run it on Android I have to insure my home - get highest insurance that covers the event of a fire... :))) It gets up to 98 Celsius during high load.

    Or I will have to mod my box, buy proper thermal paste and replace the heatsink with a bigger one:)

    Works for me, just tested, nice :) (USB A - USB A power off via receiver USB solution).

    The only thing is I have to cut off my H96Pro + box as it`s one of the 2 hidden USB ports... :)

    Strange, S912 should do w/o issues 1080p flawlessly. What Android do you have, stock of flashed something? Did you tried FTMC (Jarvis - Kodi 16) under Android or Kodi 17 straight out of the market? Should be pretty much flawless with LibreELEC. But then have in mind that not all of the S912 come equal, some use crappy slow eMMC (internal storage), shitty RAM, or other crap components...

    Take a look here, about some proper 7.1.2 Android custom firmware.

    It is from the same family, but not that exact one - I could not find that one. I got it from here. link

    I used aml_7.1.2_s912_q9377-XGO_mac-20171206. I was going to try others too.

    Gee, there are a lot of roms for the H96pro +... maybe one of them has a working u-boot...

    What hardware revision is your H96pro+ box, green or blue PCB (circuit board colour), is it Alfawise or other manufacturer, share as much details you can.

    I don't know if this will work, but there are a couple of roms at Freaktab

    [ROM] AlfaWise H96 PRO+ 3/16Gb - 3/32Gb - 3/64Gb - SCV7A 7.1.2 (DDR3/DDR4 and 9377 Wifi Chipset) -

    I have been using Superceleron`s rom since the very first for H96 PRO+. It has never worked properly for me... but hey, my Raspberry Pi3 also does not shutdown so I just leave it on and don`t care. Would not leave the H96 PRO+ running non stop, at some point it will burn my apartment down :)

    Yep, that`s true, I am still not sure why the local mount or system mount is better or faster than a program mount, but the difference is mind blowing.

    Also what is interesting is that we know in Kodi 17/18 there is no Samba browsing, but some users (the case is a user running latest Samba server on Ubuntu) is able to browse his Samba shares directly through Kodi.

    For me - I have to manually add smb://ip to be in the game...


    some more updates, in case somebody else with a Zyxel NSA325v2 (older NAS) and a RPi3. In the Kodi forum I got areply from zehner, who said:

    I have the same NAS and a Pi2 and a Pi3 and after a few optimizations I can stream blurays even via WIFI, so your hardware should not be the limiting factor. Recommended optimizations (let's assume you have no errors in your configuration)

    Prefer linux system mounts (fstab) over KODI mounts (smb://). Really a huge difference (nearly double the speed) in my tests a few years ago


    So I decided to give it a go, flashed brand new LibreELEC 8.2.3 on my RPi3 and mounted my NAS from command line (SSH):

    mount -t cifs -o sec=none,vers=1.0 // /storage/nas

    Now - that`s the interesting part, I cannot connect to my NAS if not using sec=none and vers=1.0, will not go into details here why, because what`s more important...

    Started Kodi, default setup:

    - No MPG2/WVC1 codecs eenabled

    - No additionalsettings.xml created, i.e. using default cache (20MB)

    - gpu_mem = 256

    ... And it all work flawlessly!!!!

    As seen I have went to great lengths in tearing down my home network (firmware updates, samba updates, etc, etc), and at the end this made the best impact so far.

    Interested in milhouse and smp and ChimeyJimmey opinion.

    Zehner also told me that:

    I don't think the SMB updates in LE are the source of your problem, because I have seen the same performance difference in Ubuntu, Suse, Gentoo, ... A system mount (fstab) is always faster as a program mount (e.g. Dolphin in KDE)

    For everybody with same issues, I did not change my fstab, but rather created with following details:

    #! /bin/sh

    (sleep 5;

    mount -t cifs -o sec=none,vers=1.0 // /storage/nas

    So that`s it, hope this helps someone else:))

    Nope. Waiting for a good u-boot for H96pro +...

    Right now it’s a lottery.

    I am so fed up I turned from S912 back to Rpi3. Not ideal as well, but at least doesn’t kill my aound from tv when powered off 😂