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    Thanks for this, I have decided to drop the older nougat kernel by kszaq and use this one.

    I just compiled your devel version für S912 and tested it on my Minix U9: It sadly has the same issue as the latest 8.x versions from wrxtasy (who uses the same new kernel if i am right):

    720p videos (several main TV stations in Germany are using this) are having massive frame drops. Only switching hw acceleration off solves it, but then everything else is unwatchable.

    Anything I can do in order to support tracking this issue down?

    S912 provides a slightly better picture quailty in terms of banding, because you have to keep in mind that the S912 has a "real" 10Bit processing path against the 8bit path of the S905X which just gets extrapolated to 10bit at the output end.

    This is not only some theoretical advantage for the S912 because I made some side by side comparison between my Vero4K (S905X) and Minix U9 (S912). The Minix U9 shows no banding at all while the S905 shows some slight banding even with the latest debug option from Sam (developer of OSMC used for Vero4K).

    and this ONE is trying to reduce color banding, again for S905X's, and the interesting discussion for that is....

    HDR Banding issue - Vero 4K - OSMC Forums

    You can see the S912's (GXM) have a greater number of bit depth dithering and rounding options.

    Be aware that this change did not yet fix the banding issues on S905. Sam implemented a debug option to set the round parameter manually. Until now this debug option has to bet set everytime after you started playback to avoid banding. Sam is just looking into finding a final solution.


    Now install went flawless, but the issue with 720p TV channels has not been solved: unwatchable because of massive frame drops although the player info states HW acceleration is being used.

    Any further ideas?
    It is so frustrating: With your 8.x version 4K/HDR is working perfectly, but 720p channels not. With the original the TV channels work perfectly, but 4k/HDR not.



    - there may be some Audio issues with this release after using audio passthrough. Straight 2.0 PCM audio is fine.

    - the previously jerky video playback when watching H264 OTA TV seems to have disappeared as well.

    Sorry to say, but the jerky video playback of 720p-TV channels (H264) has not been solved. Any ideas? Otherwise this is the best version for 4k HDR yet. Many thanks for your efforts!

    Apple TV 4K that has really nice tvOS Firmware Apps support features for auto frame rate and auto dynamic range matching for smooth video playback with the correct SDR and 4K HDR colorspace outputs. Such Firmware Apps support is better than anything Android is offering. Impressive powerful hardware too.

    Apple TV4K is really nice but one should mention that it lacks of bitstream audio passthrough

    I understand that it is impossible to support all those cheap chinese devices. But SBCs are in my opinion not a compensation for those chinese boxes because they are hardware wise not ready-to-use mediaplayers. In my opinion it would be great if the list of supported mediaplayers like WeTek/Minix could carefully be increased.

    First thanks for all your efforts porting LibreELEC to the Amlogic platform!

    With the latest I'm not able to watch a 4k movie (1080p is fine) anymore because after starting a 4k movie the whole screen gets split into two parts (up & down). In both screen parts the movie plays (but distorted) with some remaining part of the Libreelec gui as overlay. For me It looks like some kind of 3D mode although my TV is not capable of playing back 3D content.

    With everything was/is fine.