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    Speeds seem fine when I run a sppedtest but the same IPTV service buffers on LE but not Android on the same box, same connection, same place etc.

    Sorry, log attached.


    When I've updated, I've not included a device tree. TBH, I can't remember which device tree I originally used. It says in the instructions that you don't need one?! Below are the only ones for my box. Would this make a difference? There only ever used to be 2 options. I'm assuming nand option is when you've installed to internal. What is the kvim one?

    gxl_p212_2g.dtb 26-Feb-2017 12:05 37913
    gxl_p212_2g_kvim.dtb 16-Jun-2017 08:10 38228
    gxl_p212_2g_nand.dtb 26-Feb-2017 12:05 37905

    Should I update using .tar to the same one I have now and include a device tree? If so, which one?

    Speed when switching or navigating is perfect so it's not that.

    Thanks for the reply.

    OK guys, first off, thanks for all the hard work on LE - I love it!

    Right, I'm having buffering issues with my IPTV but only on LE, not Android (I dual boot). My question is, is this because it's on an SD card? Would I have the same problem if I installed to nand? I'm reluctant to install and replace Android as it's nice to have both and 2, there's no guarantee this will fix it.

    I'm using the latest release, TX5 Pro and a good, quality, class 10 SD card.


    Thank you so much guys i finaly fixed it. Here is how I did it:
    - I downloaded the and extracted it.
    - Then I used the sd card maker and selected the uboot from the mx2-boot-recovery
    - Then after making the sd card I copied all the files from mx2-boot-recovery to the sd card
    - I used the toothpick method to boot my box into recovery, once in recovery you can flash anything you like :)

    I followed this and was able to get the picture back and into recovery mode. Thank you for posting!!! I'm off to try installing LE now. Wish me luck!

    I followed this and was able to get the picture back and into recovery mode. Thank you for posting!!! I'm off to try installing LE now. Wish me luck!

    Everything I try and install from recovery ends in no picture. Do you have the image you flashed after getting into recovery please?

    I managed to bring my unit back to life by loading the revert to android fix from the lads at ember. Load this on an SD card and do the toothpick method (although my screen stayed black after flashing grey for a second). I left running for 5 minutes, then loaded the 7.0.2 LE release using the same toothpick method and it came back to life.

    Dementis - I'm really looking forward to the boot loader fix

    I'm trying this now. I never get to see the recovery screen though. Black scree - no signal. Was this the same for you? I'll keep you updated on whether this works for me.
    No, mine's still stuck on a black screen

    Playing with the bootloader on a device you don't have and releasing the image to public without any testing is not very good practice. Since the bootloader doesn't work at all how we are supposed to revert back to Android? The device is dead now, it cannot boot from SD card anymore.

    Mine's dead too. I can't access recovery to flash back to Android. It's not even recognised by my laptop anymore. It does light up but no picture. Help!

    Sorry, it's a TX5 Pro.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply. However, I get faster speeds using the same box when I use Android and slower when I use LE (same box). Any ideas on why this is? Surely the speeds should be the same whether I boot into LE or Android

    OK, I have a T95X Pro S905X dual booting. I can connect via wifi thorugh android to my VPN (PIA) in the US and get approx 60meg download. However, if I try to access the same thing through LE using Zomboid's VPN addon, I get around 8meg. I know this could be an addon problem but just wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems running a VPN through LE.

    I have this and was also looking for Gigabit ethernet. However, mines connected using wifi and I'm getting a steady 105meg with no buffer or problem at all. Also running LE off SD so I can dual boot. I'm not overly fussed over Gigabit ethernet now.