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    Dear kszaq

    First thank you for your amazing work porting LibreElec to other Amlogic devices ! :thumbup:

    I'd like to report a strange reboot issue on the latest builds :

    I'm currently running on a S905 box ( gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_OTG_Port.dtb ).

    From the ssh, the "reboot" or "shutdown -r" commands no longer work. Instead it shutdown the device ! :huh:
    Now the only way to perform a reboot is "systemctl reboot" which still works fine.
    BTW This bug also affects the rebootfromnand command, which now shutdown the device too. ;(

    These commands were working perfectly fine on previous versions!

    As I've made near each of your updates, I don't remember exactly when this has started to happen, sometimes between July and November 2017. So this happened after 8.0.x, which used to work correctly

    Are you (or anyone else) aware of this ?

    A clue?

    Any simple fix I could try ?

    Best regards