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    There is no support for 800x600 in video driver at the moment. Amlogic doesn't use X, it uses EGL and there is no xorg nor xrandr.

    I can see that Odroid C2, with the same hardware, for both Ubuntu and Android has 800x600 support (but also with a lot of video tweaking settings), and a very convenient boot.ini configuration file:
    en:c2_tips [Odroid Wiki]
    There is no chance to implement this in LibreElec?

    - mouse button is working in Android and Openelec, it's weird that in LE did not work (and only for me, as I can see).
    I tried that other file, enabled mouse button, it worked properly, but after disabling mouse, did not work long push for other buttons.

    - mounting internal memory: Thanks, that worked.

    - about video output: Too bad, I am more familiar with X, EGP is totally unknown to me.
    In android I managed to get some results with "wm size", but wasnt satisfactory.

    I have some issues with the latest build (7.02.003) on my MiniMxIII (SD card install)
    - the "mouse button" (original remote control) does not work.
    - I cannot acces the internal memory
    - most important for me, I cannot setup LibreElec for SD video output (800x600, for an old video projector).
    It could help one sample of xorg.conf file, like ones from Configuring a Custom xorg.conf - OpenELEC
    Also, I have noticed missing xrandr command from this build, is there any addon containing it?

    Thanks for the support.