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    My device not is the Mecool KIII PRO with 3gb of RAM It is the Akaso KIII without PRO and 2gb of RAM.

    With pendrive of 8gb and creare with Win32disk It worked perfectly . But with a pendrive of 32gb and 3.0 not worked. When boot show that message. I used USB-SD Creator tool of Libreelec, rufus and Win32 disk imager and there is no way.

    Can someone guide me about my problem?

    Hello friends I am having a problem with my device TV Box Akaso KIII and Libreelec, can you help me?. The problem is ... I had on an memory USB of 8 Gb working Libreelec of kszaq without problems and where I was running Libreelec without problems on my device. I've been updating with the last release of kszaq and everything running without problems, but I decided update my usb and i buy a new usb memory of 32gb and 3.0. I have done all the steps so that libreelec will boot on the new usb memory as I did the previous time, but when I enter the new memory in my tv box I now get this error and I do not know what that can be. Will it have something to do with what remains in the device of the version used with the other usb? I ask it from my ignorance.

    1. *** Error in mount_flash: mount_common: Could not mount LABEL=LIBREELEC ***
    2. ### Starting debugging shell... type exit to quit ###
    3. sh: can´t access tty; job control turned off

    I hope you can help me or at least guide me about what may be happening. Thanks in advance and regards.

    Do Libreelec create some partition in the memory nand of the TV Box? Could it be the TV Box tried to load what have in the previous installation on other USB?. And error is it.

    How can I force the boot from the new USB? I think it has to be something related to that.

    Is there anyone who knows about the development of Libreelec what can help me?

    Hi I have a question. I want to change memory USB I was using for Libreelec because the one I was using was very old and slow but even that worked fine. I followed the same steps that I did when I did it the previous time, download the latest version for s905 of kszaq and replace the * .dtb that is created by the specific one for my device that is the same one that I had already used for the other memory USB But what has been my surprise that when i introduce "reboot update" via shell on terminal from android and device reboot now Libreelec watch this message that I post below...

    *** Error in mount_flash: mount_common: Could not mount LABEL=LIBREELEC ***

    ### Starting debugging shell... type exit to quit ###

    sh: can´t access tty; job control turned off

    What is it?

    Sorry my device is a KIII with soc 905 and release of kszaq.

    Thanks you and regards.