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    Librespot (or any other spotify app for that matter) doesn't show up as spotify connect device. This might have more to do with my version of Libreelec, since it is an alpha/pre-alpha ROCK64 version. But in the event, that I'm simply overlooking something obvious or that is a know issue, I thought I would try to get some help here anyway.

    What I want to do is to stream from my Spotify app on my laptop, which is connected to the same network as the ROCK64 (wired), that I want to stream to. I would have liked to test it on my phone app, but unfortunately I am one of the few people, who have a Windows Phone (don't ask why) and its spotify app, doesn't even have the option to connect to another device.

    As was described, I've created a log with the "journalctl -u service.librespot" command this is the result.

    Avahi is on and I've set it to "Wait for network before starting kodi" but to seemingly no avail.

    LibreELEC-rock64.arm-rb-leia24.img.gz installed on Rock64 4gb ram EEMC 64gb

    Not bad playback using my movie library over SMB. Most of my movies are 1080p.

    kostaman, since I have the exact same system (minus EEMC), I was wondering what your experience has been when it comes to stability during video or audio playback? How frequently have you experienced crashes in the previous versions (21, 22)?

    I'm currently on 22 and I'm rarely able to get any more than a few hours of music playback or video playback, especially x256 encoded video gives me a lot of trouble. So if I can gain a bit more stability the update would be a no-brainer.

    I didn't look at the logfiles, but I'm going to point out that you're using a pre-Alpha version of Kodi with an LE software base that isn't considered complete enough to merge into our master branch yet. I guess user feedback is always useful, but until that merge happens we didn't really start the clock on support for that code and I doubt any of the developers are looking for reports.

    I know it is pre-alpha, but the problems are very similar to the ones I had on my Cubox, so I thought it could be useful to see if anyone could determine a common denominator from looking at logs to at least rule out hardware issues.

    Hello, I've recently acquired a 4 gig Rock64 to replace my Cubox as my media center and was very happy to see that someone had made Libreelec available for my upcoming system, as I had honestly bought the Rock on a whim, without insuring that actual support existed. Unfortunately the problems I thought was related to an old dying system hasn't gone away.

    The issue in question is random reboots, often during music playback, but sometimes also just while simply going through menus. I'm pretty sure that the old system died do to overheating, so I bought a heatsink to go along with the new one, but the system still seems to reach 70' C + pretty often, so as a temporary measure, I installed a fan which resulted in a big drop in the average temperature to around 40' C, but to my surprise the problem persists.

    So I thought that maybe the old micro SD card might be at fault, but even after replacing it with a brand new card the 'random' crashes continues.

    As a side note, on both systems I've used the official power supply that came with the unit.

    Of course I can't say with certainty that excludes the SD card or the power supply, but I feel it does indicate that the problem might lie elsewhere.

    Yesterday I realized that the only thing I hadn't tested yet was my 2 terabyte hdd that is connected though a dock, which I then removed and for a short while the problem disappeared. A surface scan also seemed to show that almost half of the sectors on the hdd where unreadable.

    But alas, today the problem is back.

    I suppose it is possible that the previous problem on the Cubox might have been due to overheating and it has a different source on the Rock64, possible an OS in an earlier state of development, but the problems are so similar and I haven't heard of anyone having the same issues with Raybuntu's community build of LiberELec as I have.

    I've added the latest crashlog below in the hopes that it might help someone help me narrow down the problem and hopefully find a permanent solution.

    UPDATE: After I wrote this I realized that I hadn't tried tried the new SD card without the faulty HDD and it actually seems to have solved the problem, though I obviously can't be certain before more time has passed. But it seems that the issues was a combination of two.

    UPDATE 2: I spoke to early, the problem persist and it doesn't only happen when I play videos or music from the external HDD but also when streaming. So I still need help. I've added the newest crashlogs below.