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    In general, I don't think there is any reason that you shouldn't be able to do what I want. I pretty much do exactly that every day at work. I independently chose the content and resolution of multiple monitors connected via TB or HDMI, while simultaneously choosing which of a myrid of audio devices to route sound to which include both HDMI audio devices and USB DACs.

    Support for the quirks of this device might be another matter, which is why I asked when the obvious display and sound settings didn't seem so obvious.

    He will not benefit from selecting a separate audio device, because HDMI is his only digital audio output on the NUC.

    The NUC does not allow to use Thunderbolt as an audio-only device, so it's not available as Kodi audio device.

    TB doesn't have to be the audio device. TB3 should be quite capable of displaying 4k video (I know, no Linux HDR right now), and use HDMI for audio with a blank screen at a low resolution.

    The funny thing is, in display options my only options are DP1 or default (The video is actually connected to HDMI - and works). And for audio devices it only works when the DP device is selected, not when any of the HDMI devices are selected (again, I am actually getting sound from the HDMI port). BIOS is configured for HDMI primary, TB secondary. This was also observed on this thread.

    I gather that the naming is an artifact of the internal LSPCON architecture. I don't care what the devices are called. But it seems quite funny to only have one display device option regardless of what's going on with the audio devices. This may be more of a Linux on this device issue than a Kodi or LE issue.

    Thanks all.

    Yeah. I bought a fancy HDMI splitter + switch when I first got the set (an HDFury). Trying to make it play nice with my Harmony remote, TV, and receiver was an exercise in anger management. A simple splitter might not be so bad.

    I thought it might be an oddball request, but it actually seems ideal on devices with multiple outputs. (Not to mention, since I sometimes boot Lakka on the device from an external drive, not having the latency hop is nice for gaming - even if I did have the latest receiver.)

    Thanks anyway.

    --- Carl

    I recently installed the latest stable version of LE on my NUC7i5BNK. Before I go down the road of trying every cable and BIOS or software setting I can think of, does anyone know if it's possible to send audio (including pass through) out the HDMI port with little to no picture, and route full 4k video out the DP/TB port (or vice-versa)? The fundamental problem I have is my receiver is old, only supports HDMI 1.3, and it doesn't support ARC or 4k, while my TV is much newer, but only supports 2.0 audio over the TOSLINK return. For music purposes, I'd prefer the TV off much of the time anyway.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    --- Carl

    If we remove the word from our anti-spam list we get lots of nice chinese/korean people advertising their solution for preventing the mail loss of filament structures that come out of your head. The occasional user inconvenience is easier to live with than regular spam deleting.

    That is hilarious!

    Thanks for the work.

    Thanks for this thread.

    I was pulling my <filament like structures coming out of my head> out installing LE on a NUC7i5BNK and was about to follow up to this old thread when I found this. I was installing LE on the NUK, having finally just given up on AMLogic devices being stable, even if they are the current best path forward for HDR. They just won't stop randomly crashing for me playing video - problems I've never had with an Intel based Kodi box.

    (and really? the common word for the filaments that grow out of my head is a censored word on this forum?)

    I've starting having problems with the TMDB movie scraper today. Anyone else seeing this? If I dig into the logs, and try to scrape with curl, I see this: