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    When playing an amiga game using libretro you can enter retroarch, then select core options, and over there you can find screen size option...

    OK, thanks, stupid me. Now I found the options to change this, but now there is the "funny" problem that when I change the resolution, nothing seems to work right... The best result is achieved using "your" resolution (640x256) - but the emulator then only covers half the screen...

    About savestates, as I said this core is totally experimental and its creator did not make any improve since its firts version, it would be nice to add savestates features.

    Well, then let's pray (or beg him)... ;-)



    Using libretro core helps to use any gamepad and it has some configuration that can be changed from retroarch core menu, such as screen size, for me "640x256" worked ok.

    good luck!

    Thanks for your answer. But I cannot find an option to change the screen size for the libretro core?! If I choose "Load core", there is only one amiga core (uae4arm) displayed; choosing that, I have no option to change the screen size?! I'm feeling somewhat stupid at this point. :-(

    Nevertheless, I got the libretro core working with changing the gamestarter.uae, replacing every 640 by 320 - this way, all seems to fit the screen. ;-)

    Another question: Does the libretro amiga core not (yet?) support save states, as it says when pressing F4, or do I need to create some more directories?



    Hi there,

    first of all: Many thanks for your efforts to reduce the need to swap SD cards on the RasPi. ;-)

    I am especially interested in running Amiga games from Kodi - which works so far, with two exceptions:

    * Using uae4arm, everything works fine, games start as expected (after some finetuning). But: My controller (Saitek PLC Rumble Force Pad) is not recognized (correctly): I can sort of move the figure, but not with the pad, but with the shoulder pads and buttons 5-6 (or so). Seems like the mapping is not correct.

    * Using libretro core, the mapping of the pad seems to be fine, but (besides the sound issue), I can only see (the left) half of the screen. It says retro 320x240, gfx 640x240 (or so), which seems reasonable seeing the result. Is there a way to change that?

    Yesterday (it was late...), I somehow achieved the mapping in libretro to be correct (using RetroArch autoconfig?!?), but then, uae4arm did not start correctly (it hang after saying DispmanX 0 x 0 16 bpp)...

    Did I overlook something? I would be glad if someone could help me fix those issues, whereas the sound issues whould be the minor one...

    Thanks in advance,