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    # table X96, type: nec

    0x101 KEY_NUMERIC_0

    0x14e KEY_NUMERIC_1

    0x10d KEY_NUMERIC_2

    0x10c KEY_NUMERIC_3

    0x14a KEY_NUMERIC_4

    0x109 KEY_NUMERIC_5

    0x108 KEY_NUMERIC_6

    0x146 KEY_NUMERIC_7

    0x105 KEY_NUMERIC_8

    0x104 KEY_NUMERIC_9

    0x140 KEY_POWER

    0x141 KEY_MUTE

    0x111 KEY_HOME

    0x1f5 KEY_VOLUMEUP


    0x116 KEY_UP

    0x11a KEY_DOWN

    0x151 KEY_LEFT

    0x150 KEY_RIGHT

    0x113 KEY_OK


    0x143 KEY_RED

    0x10f KEY_GREEN

    0x110 KEY_YELLOW

    0x118 KEY_BLUE

    0x14c KEY_MENU

    0x119 KEY_BACK

    0x1f2 KEY_CONFIG


    # table mini_m8sii, type: nec

    0x8030 KEY_NUMERIC_0

    0x8031 KEY_NUMERIC_1

    0x8032 KEY_NUMERIC_2

    0x8033 KEY_NUMERIC_3

    0x8034 KEY_NUMERIC_4

    0x8035 KEY_NUMERIC_5

    0x8036 KEY_NUMERIC_6

    0x8037 KEY_NUMERIC_7

    0x8038 KEY_NUMERIC_8

    0x8039 KEY_NUMERIC_9

    0x8051 KEY_POWER

    0x804d KEY_MUTE

    0x8053 KEY_HOME

    0x804e KEY_VOLUMEUP



    0x80bd KEY_REWIND

    0x8058 KEY_STOP # 1/a button on remote

    0x8026 KEY_UP

    0x8028 KEY_DOWN

    0x8025 KEY_LEFT

    0x8027 KEY_RIGHT

    0x800d KEY_OK

    0x8044 KEY_BACKSPACE

    0x8009 KEY_RED

    0x8011 KEY_GREEN

    0x8054 KEY_YELLOW

    0x804f KEY_BLUE

    0x8049 KEY_MENU

    0x801b KEY_BACK

    Boot from LE sd card, and restore android twice between a reboot (power off-on) and data partition format, the original with dd backup android is can restore.


    I have a little problem with installtointernal script.

    My X96 and X96 mini box original android system partition is 1,5 and 2GB, before I run the script i backup all android partition (dtb, boot, recovery, system) with dd command.

    Install to internal script must twice run, because after first run, starting LE from SD card, the system and partition can not be mounted and LE is not starting from NAND.

    After second installtointernal script the partitions resized and LE run from NAND perfect.

    My question is can i my backup restore to nand with dd command?