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    Just happened upon this page looking for an update on the progress for 9.0 (been a long time lurker)...

    I'd honestly hate for development on this project (s9XX) to end because of some silly argument between developers.

    Actually GPL does oblige you to push the code every time you publish something link

    I'm not implying anything here before you get the wrong end of the stick and I fully understand you have a family and a life beyond LE and don't have the same time for this project any more.

    He does abide by this rule adamg, even says so in his post which you seem to have ignored.

    GPL doesn't oblige you to push the code every time you publish something, it requires you to make code available on demand. It is a courtesy that we all push our code to GitHub. I don't want to argue, it's just sometimes there's too much side work and we forget about things.

    I have explained in personal conversation that I have no time to work on Leia, at least not now and I won't push anything I can't test.

    He discloses the source by publishing on git, it does not require it to be pushed. You state this in your own quote ("Or listing an offer, good for 3 years, to obtain the code.") so as long as he keeps the git available for 3 years.

    Again, just want arguments to end and development to continue. Love this project, have my s905x set up as a home media system for my parents, using a router with a portable drive loaded with all their movies I ripped into .iso's. The like it, its simple enough for me to maintain, and it was cheaply done.

    Mainly waiting on 9.0 for K18 push so I can get netflix on the hub and load up some classic games as well.