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    I must admit I never really test the image, normally I just upgrade. Can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work either, as far as the OS goes it's mostly vanilla LE8. Have you tried Milhouse builds for example, do they work when flashed to your card?

    I have not tried the Milhouse builds. At any rate, I got it working just thought I'd report back that some sort of issue exists in the resizing routine.

    Side note, once I started loading my library, I was having a ton of issues with sluggishness. I didn't look too much into it as it was getting late.

    If I flash from your img file (LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.0-devel-20160721.img) and boot up my pi, it hangs at resizing storage.

    However, if I first flash LibreElec (v7.90.003 Alpha), boot up my pi, and then load your TAR file in /storage/.update then all works just fine.

    If it matters, I am using a Pi 3 but I *think* I may have tried a couple weeks ago with a Pi 2 and had the same results but I can't recall for certain.

    Other possibly relevant details:
    Patriot 64GB microSDXC

    I'm just getting started/learning about Docker. I've been a user of another open source media center that I have had mixed results in adding emulators too. I really like the direction you are taking this one in but am looking to add another 1-2 applications to have my ideal system.

    As I was researching how to build docker images, I stumbled upon some Docker Base images that are very minimal. alpine

    Have you explored these as opposed to the Arch ones you are currently using?

    Lastly, thanks for building this, making it available, keeping it updated, and opening my eyes to new possibilities with Docker.