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    Fixed the release, please let me know if it works for you guys.

    Having the same issue with your build that I did when I compiled myself.

    When booting, it sticks at the Sx05RE logo. I did some troubleshooting and think I have narrowed down my issue to commit 67fcda1 (Readd condition to kodi.service).

    I am commenting out lines in (per your instructions) so that Kodi starts on boot instead of emulationstation. This method worked in v1.5 but no longer works in v1.6 without executing the following:

    1. touch /var/lock/start.kodi 
    2. systemctl start kodi

    As a temp workaround I created a copy of kodi.service in /storage/.config/system.d/kodi.service (in effect overriding /usr/lib/system.d/system/kodi.service) with the following line commented out:

    1. ConditionPathExists=/var/lock/start.kodi

    With that line commented out, Kodi now starts at boot as it did in v1.5.

    2 more things I noticed after resolving the above issue:

    1) The default audio device is set to "ALSA: Default (AML-M8AUDIO Analog), PCM" which only produces static when playing. I can change to HDMI and then audio is back to normal. So this is only a minor inconvenience at most though this same setting in v1.5 did not produce static audio.

    2) The skin/interface is noticeably darker than before but video playback appears normal.

    I am using a Nexbox A95X installed to internal memory.


    I tried to modify the SYSTEM image with xz parameters. It is now around 100mb less. So it would match the partition size. Unfortunately it is also not booting.

    Could you forward your image maybe?

    Wish I could but after updating, it wouldn't fully boot. I was able to revert successfully back to v1.5 though.

    Strange as the only thing I changed was the dependency on one es theme. Maybe I accidentally did something else.

    Edit: changed the es theme dependency and the partition size back to 512 (from 612).

    niabi Indeed your SYSTEM image is too big. You might want to change compression method to gzip or xz, whichever fits 512MB.

    Edit: I noticed that you changed the size some days ago. This is generally not a good idea, users cannot upgrade after size change. Using a different compression may help you keep the size below 512MB.

    I was able to compile myself changing back to 512MB partition. I just removed one of the ES themes to get under 512MB without changing the compression.

    Did you remove sonarr? It's no longer starting for me and I no longer see /storage/.config/system.d/sonarr.service or /opt/sonarr

    It's quite easy and can be learned by looking at other addons. As for the libncurses issue, it's not looking for the system library but for the one in your LibreELEC toolchain (provided by packages/devel/netbsd-curses). Compiles fine on Arch Linux, which is what I use.

    I can confirm that it does not build correctly on ubuntu but after I created an Arch Linux VM, I was able to build without encountering the same issue. Strange but somehow tied to Ubuntu.

    escalade : I seem to be unable to compile uae4arm.

    For anyone interested while escalade is on vacation, I rebased all of his changes on the most recent LibreELEC Beta 7.95.2 and compiled for RPi2. I just couldn't wait for his return to get Kodi 17 final and recent LE changes. The only thing that is missing is uae4arm since it will not compile for me.

    I am only providing the RPi2 version as that is what I compiled (sorry Intel users). Please take caution as I am still in the learning phases on building/compiling.

    For those interested, here you go:
    Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

    Thanks for the update escalade ! What's best for an Intel NUC with a Pentium n3700 CPU : Mupen64 or Glupen64 ? I get crackling sound with both...

    I can't speak specifically to mupen64 or glupen64 but I had crackling sound when using mgba on my pi3 (and even worse on my pi2). I *think* it is related to running threaded audio (this is an option buried somewhere in Retroarch but I can't recall right now exactly where). However, in my case, I couldn't get it to run reasonably fast when disabling audio I just had to live with it.

    In about 6 hours time. If anyone testing it has a serial port connection, it would be helpful with the complete kernel log if it should fail. Also the contents of /boot/cmdline.txt.

    EDIT: RPi2 build is uploaded, 6 hours as predicted ;)

    20170103 RPi2 build still has a kernel panic. Is the kernel log stored somewhere on the sd card? I can pull the card and read the contents (and post the results), if so. At the same time, I'll post the contents of my /boot/cmdline.txt


    1. - Rebased on latest LE8 master (most significant change is Kodi 17 RC2)
    2. - Compiled with -Os instead of -O2 (fixes the youtube issue)
    3. - Version bumps for the following packages: mesa, vulkan-loader, retroarch, mgba-libretro, fbalpha-libretro, residualvm, btrfs-progs
    4. - New driver RTL8723BS (common wireless/bluetooth combo in cherry trail devices)
    5. - Added patch for ACPI bug in some cherry trail devices causing wireless to not work unless LPSS is set to PCI in the bios

    Atom optimized build with drm-next currently building. I'll probably do an RPi build as well if someone wants to test.

    I'll test the RPi2 build. I did however build it this morning with your latest commits on github. I still had a kernel panic.

    No Pi is for suck. Really, it was never designed as a HTPC. It's a hobby board for enthusiasts. Sure it can play videos fine, but it can't even render the Kodi GUI without lag.

    The Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus is promising, I've been setting one up as a christmas gift. It's a cherry trail device so the Linux support is not 100% mature, but at this point it's working very well. It's got an Intel 3160 BT/wifi module that supports 802.11ac and doesn't completely suck like the RPi's. You can order it with free shipping at $100 but I heard it's often discounted to $80. Which is around what you'd pay for an RPi3 with casing, SD card and PSU.

    Dangit! Now you've gone and put another idea in my head. Like I really need to buy more gadgets...

    No, I sold it off because I think it's dog slow compared to Intel boxes at the same price point. I probably won't get anything with an ARM cpu again. Good thing that I don't require you to like me then ;)

    EDIT: All builds are done and uploaded. Merry christmas!

    Looks like the Pi version is still getting a kernel panic. :-(