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    Regarding multiple key presses, did you try disabling lirc (seem to remember that was a solution in a thread with similar issue)? Can't say I have much experience with remotes. My lirc and eventlircd package is now in sync with LE 9.2, not sure I can be of further help regarding that.

    I figured this out.

    Your build is missing some standard LE udev rules for some reason. I note the specific issue below but you may wish to review why others are also missing.

    In my case "/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/70-input-repeat.rules" fixes this issue.

    To verify the fix, I copied the file from Vanilla LE to your build in "/storage/.config/udev.rules.d/70-input-repeat.rules"

    This will work as a temp resolution for me until it gets included properly in "/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/"

    Here are all the rules found in Vanilla LE but not in your build:







    • Retroarch is now working
    • Browser still fails (honestly, I don't care about this but I'll keep testing if you want)
    • Multiple button presses/missing button presses remain when using flirc.
      • Not 100% certain but I think it might be better (but not completely fixed) by setting my TV to 1080p 60hz rather than the default 4K 30hz. I'll be running at 1080p most likely anyway. I have no need to drive 4K at this time.
      • I updated fw on the flirc which took me down a nightmare path last night, but same results in the end.
      • Is lirc easy to disable? I didn't see it in settings. I'll google around if you aren't sure off the top of your head.

    Latest log attached.

    This is now at a point where I will use as primary OS so I may have more specific feedback as I go.

    That's odd, I can't see any Emulationstation or retroarch logs in there, perhaps you had rebooted inbetween. Looks like something went wrong while extracting the container. These issues are fixable though, the logs are of great help. Please do test RPi2/RPi3 if possible too, although I expect them to work the same. They should perform better with the new Mesa driver as well.

    No reboot was done. I can grab Retroarch and ES logs separately though.


    D'oh! I think I did reboot from within ES.

    Updated log attached. I saw RA and ES logs in there.


    Thanks for being my guinea pig here, can you try out the latest image? The mentioned issues should now be fixed :) I've created a new browser container for ARM as well, escalade1/archarm, which has Firefox 72. It's a bit on the fat side (~1GB compressed), and completely untested as I don't have any RPi available to test.

    No worries about being the guinea pig. I want this on my Pi4, so the way I look at it, you are doing me a huge favor.


    • Errors/warnings at boot are gone. :-)
    • Launching Retroarch results in restarting Kodi.
    • Launching Browser displays SWAY for a long while and then restarts Kodi. Previously it just restarted Kodi.
    • I tried to launch an NES rom from ES and it just exited back to ES.
    • Multiple button presses/missing button presses remains when using flirc.

    Do you need someone to review the RPi2 image as well? I still have an assortment of RPi2/3/3+. If so I can review after we get through testing the RPi4 image.

    Latest log file attached.


    Please try the latest build, it should be linked correctly against bcmhost to fix the undefined symbol and kernel is in sync with master.

    Using RetroELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2-devel-20200122130326-28eddc2.img.

    Noticed an error/warning during boot. I think it said "NFSD", hopefully it'll show up in the logs.

    Boots into Kodi.

    Launches ES properly.

    Trying to launch Retroarch just causes Kodi to restart. Same thing for Browser.

    In general, Kodi seems to be working properly. I have a flirc that I use with a remote control, with this build there are many more double key-presses and unresponsive button presses than with base LibreELEC (which is essentially none). When I use a standard keyboard however, nothing feels out of the ordinary.

    I'll review more in the coming days (e.g. I haven't tried to run any emulator cores yet).

    Latest logs attached.

    They are automatically generated by the createlog script when connecting to the Logs share. Placement in the filesystem is /storage/Logs.

    Please try RetroELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2-devel-20200122001042-28eddc2.img.gz that I have just uploaded.

    Seemingly same results with RetroELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2-devel-20200122001042-28eddc2.img.

    Logs attached.


    I think so. It seems I had messed up the bootloader. Could you try the one I've just uploaded?

    Using RetroELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2-devel-20200120093047-28eddc2.

    First boot, I see the RetroELEC splash (looks real nice, btw), resizing file system, then reboots as expected.

    Then it hung for a minimum 15 minutes during boot-up.

    I forced a reboot and now following the RetroELEC splash screen I get a blank screen. Note: A signal appears to be sent as my TV would otherwise display a no signal message.

    I have SSH access so I did the following:

    1. RetroELEC:~ # paste /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log
    2. cat: can't open '/storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log': No such file or directory

    1. RetroELEC:~ # dmesg|paste

    1. RetroELEC:~ # cat /var/log/emulationstation.log
    2. lvl2: EmulationStation - v2.10.0rp-dev, built Jan 20 2020 - 09:31:10
    3. lvl2: Parsing XML file "/storage/../usr/share/emulationstation/resources/mamenames.xml"...
    4. lvl2: Parsing XML file "/storage/../usr/share/emulationstation/resources/mamebioses.xml"...
    5. lvl2: Parsing XML file "/storage/../usr/share/emulationstation/resources/mamedevices.xml"...
    6. lvl2: Creating window...
    7. lvl0: Error initializing SDL!
    8. Couldn't create gbm device.
    9. lvl0: Renderer failed to initialize!
    10. lvl0: Window failed to initialize!

    I was able to successfully build for a RPi4 from your dev-RR branch. 😀

    The system booted to Kodi successfully. The default of 4Kp30 display setting seemed a bit glitchy and sluggish. I tried changing to 1080p60 but it was only displaying as the upper left quarter of the screen. I tried to start emulationstation and retroarch from the home screen and both relaunched Kodi (I'm guessing both crashed and your script/systemd relaunched Kodi).

    To see if these were LE issues or just your build I reflashed the SD card with the current 9.2 beta (9.1.501). The default of 4Kp30 did not feel sluggish and changing to 1080p60 did not result in only the upper left corner display.

    I didn't pull logs yet but want to give you a heads up on a couple early issues. Hopefully I can review more this weekend and get some logs as well. I understand this is from the dev branch and you are likely actively working on changes.

    Back to my S905X for now.


    this project looks awesome.

    (When) will Raspberry Pi 4 be supported?

    5schatten has merged several pull requests I created to fix building for a RPi4 but a few build errors remain. Furthermore, nothing has been tested regarding performance. I haven't actively worked on the RPi4 build errors for a while as I recently moved which has taken up most of my free time.

    Assistance is welcome.


    Have a look at my latest changes in dev-rr branch and see if you can build and run Qt now. My changes were primary ment for lima & panfrost but should fix your mesa related problems too. At least I was able to compile AMLGX with lima/panfrost & all of my packages including Qt but neither SDL2 nor Qt can properly pick up the KMS/DRI device... well I guess the driver needs some fixing then. But the RPi4 driver should be in way better shape.

    Cool. Hopefully, I can check it out soon.

    Built again with all the latest changes. It now boots but the screen gets scrambled shortly after booting, making it unusable. I am guessing this is largely due to the state of RPi4 support in LibreELEC which in turn is largely based on RPi4 in Linux 5+ kernels. At least for now, I can take my time getting the full build to compile for RPi4.

    I cannot get VLC to compile for the RasPi4. No matter what I try I get "cannot find -lGL" errors.

    It's clearly an opengl related error due to the pi switching to Mesa with the 4.

    Since I'm still learning the build system, do you have some thoughts or guidance to provide?

    I now have Pegasus and Skyscraper left to work through compile errors (due to qt/gstreamer gl errors).

    Aside from those, I was able to build a full RPi4 image. Pull requests have been sent for everything that I have been able to fix so far.

    I tried to boot it just now and the initial boot was ok (resizing the partition) but after rebooting the libreelec-rr logo remained on screen. Though I could hear kodi navigation sounds when I hit up, down, left, right, and enter keys.

    Progress...but definitely not usable on a RPi4 yet.