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    Thanks for the excellent S905X releases.

    I just have a problem as of yesterday.

    The box booted up and said it was performing an auto-update. After that it restarted, and said it was doing an "Add-on migration in progress" -- but it sits there forever. Rebooting doesn't help, it just does it again.

    I can ssh into the libreelec box, and see that kodi.bin is using 100% of the CPU.

    The end of kodi.log is pasted here:

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    It's odd that it mentions some name resolution issues as the system seems to resolve those hostnames just fine from ssh.

    Is there anything I can do to help?

    NOTE: Removing the entire /storage/.kodi/addons/* kinda fixed the issue, in that Kodi loads now -- but seems like a bug that it wouldn't get past that migration. I kept the add-ons from that folder in the hope I can put them back, rather than manually reinstall them all.