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    One of the design goals for K19 is the removal of all vendor proprietary interfaces. iMX6 is already gone and VDPAU/amcodec can be removed once the K18 release branch is forked. VAAPI gets a pass because it's no longer Intel specific (AMD and Allwinner will use it). One of the related design goals for LE10 is the removal of X11 and it's many dependencies.

    The next generation Kodi video pipeline based on DRM/GBM allows us to support 10+ different GPU/SoC types (everything except nVidia) under a single framework and code path. There is nothing to stop someone implementing EGL streams, but it's not going to be popular with the main Kodi architects (given the design goals) and so far nobody is volunteering to do the work.

    Unless that situation changes there will be a technical decision to terminate nVidia support after LE 9.0, and we are actively collecting stats on the number of installed devices with nVidia GPU's to quantify the impact of that decision. NB: If LE ends nVidia support you can still install drivers under Ubuntu or some other distro using Wayland or Xorg.

    I'm one of those Nvidia users ATM. Can we take what you wrote to the bank? About "everything except nVidia" being supported? If that's the case, from what I understand an AMD RX560 should be supported and provide 10bit H265 in addition to 4k60 and HDR.

    If that is the case I would not have a problem moving to AMD for the LE HTPC.

    10bit works for Nvidia at linux too (afaik) but just with the new, NOT standard, api that is not supported by kodi.

    That's what must have been confusing me. I went and looked at Nvidia Linux drivers and they've supported it for ages. So the culprit is Kodi. Fingers crossed v18 surprised us!

    From what I've read so far, an Nvidia 1050 should be able to decode h265 with no problems. For some reason this new box I've built shows hardware decoding inactive when it hits an h265 clip. H264 is fine.

    Any ideas?

    I have been pulling my h.a.i.r out for the last few hours trying to figure out what is going on and I think I've discovered something suspect.

    When adding file sources and choosing the information provider (TMDB), it says it's version 4.0.1. I installed Kodi on my Android and it is showing version 5.0.3. My Nvidia Libreelec will not pull metadata where my Android will. The Nvidia box returns "Unable to Connect To Remote Server".

    Updating the TMDB addon shows there are no updates available from 4.0.1.

    I've reinstalled LE v8.2.1 and the new v8.2.2. Both show exactly the same thing.:cursing::?::?::?::?::?::?:

    I'll first apologize, please tret me as a newbie when it comes to Linux work. I have an Asus board with an Invidia 1030 driving out to an Epson 5040. The 5040 will take a 4k signal but my receiver won't. Not sure why, but restarting the system, it detects the 4k and sets the output as such. But because the Onkyo receiver won't take it, a signal not supported error comes up.

    I'm looking for a way to force Libre to output ONLY 1080p/60.

    I did find one thread on here talking about exactly that but I have not clue as to how to run the commands that they are talking about. If there's a config file, where is it and what do I edit?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.