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    I am not talking backwards, but forward (Krypton --> Leia)

    I have no idea how many points it might be, but not only resume points, but also watched status (tick next to the title)

    How can database entries be exported/imported?

    I moved from internal LE to SD CE 9.2.1

    Backup/restore worked, but none of the "resume points" got transferred

    If I boot back to LE all are there.

    So how do I transfer them?

    All my media is on NAS/USB, not using Library function


    Just bought an Akaso TX95 from UK auction site, 2Gb RAM, 16Gb storage, dual band WIFI for less than £30.

    Excellent box.

    Re-used remote from Hannspree RC00147P following this to make it really usable (there is nothing wrong with its own remote!, just like to have more buttons in OE)

    The box seems to also "accepts" power from USB connector (power leaks back in) from powered USB3 hub

    I did not like it (as I have the units power on in-line switch, so can hard power it off), so just blanked the 5V VBUS with a strip of electrical tape


    Plays anything thrown at it