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    I updated two of my TX3 minis with:

    LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.90.5.img.gz (only one TX3 mini, as the 2nd one was already autoupdated)


    gxl_p281_2g_tx3mini.dtb (both)

    and now finally LCD works again without being 'scrambled'.

    The problem is that they now both POWER OFF when they finish booting (few seconds after they get into LE, probably one of the services/autostart stuff).

    What could be the problem that they POWER OFF because of updated/latest dtb?

    I understand you man, Im not being rude or anything. Waiting 1 month patiently and googling whole world on how to hack this LCD has made me frustrated yesterday and now with your comment again. I hoped I will get a LCD christmas present but now I got checking this forum every few minutes from my phone and still nothing.

    How hard is it to give another tip to guys over internet in 24h alongside "check thread" and "modified dtb" which both are useless instead of writing long text what everyone including me knows.

    I appologize for my unpatient waiting and wish you happy holidays, but please do think what you left us to do. We all have a smartphone in our pockets all day long and notifications are at our finger tips. Its not hard.

    To summarize everything into one post:

    1) fd628 systemd unit cannot start /usr/sbin/fd628 (even manually over SSH I cannot open this file)

    2) /sys/class/leds/fd628_dev/ lots of files here, only led_light works 1-7

    3) /dev/fd628 - doing something to this *file* turns off LCD until reboot.

    4) i can see module loaded but not used by anything in "lsmod"

    5) theres a seperate thread here more or less just about this LCD and we are all leaving them behind.

    Thats it.

    prescott I'm a software developer and people like you what annoy developers most!

    Did anyone put a gun on your head to use this firmware?

    Or do you pay these developers' salaries?

    I think forum mods should take some steps for such attitudes.

    As I said, I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone.

    Why did you take your time and reply to a stup!d person like me and get away from the subject.

    I tried to do what adam said on Github and also not getting anything.

    Should I remove my comments so people wont get offended anymore? Please stay on subject and happy holidays!

    If I were you, I would change your attitude. or you might find you'll get no more help.

    After all, all of the work on this forum is free.

    I know and I'm sorry. But the work required should be quick and if you read what I wrote and check all links I posted, you will see that theres a huge chance I/we will get this working by 2021 with this pace...

    Again, I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I just want to speed this up into the right direction and not get into "forgotten posts" like many other about this subject.

    GDPR-2 it has passed 1 day since I asked you for an explanation on how you enabled simple LCD with no response from you.

    I said I flashed your build + dtb here: [9.0] LibreELEC 9.x for S905/S905X

    no response

    I asked you here: [9.0] LibreELEC 9.x for S905/S905X

    I asked you over PM, where you said to talk here and blocked me. Now Im here and since 1 day you come online every few minutes and no indication of answering whatsoever.

    I searched whole google and and there are NO POSTS whatsoever indicating that LCD is working except your 2 posts with no description on how to do it.

    Just say it, are you keeping this for yourself or are you going to share with others?

    Happy holidays!