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    In Deluge web ui, go to Preferences, select the Daemon Tab, select Allow Remote Connections

    Thanks for replying. That was already turned on. On or off doesn't make any difference.

    If I add a new connection in the Connection Manager, the IP and port are correct but what should be the default username/pw to connect? By default the web UI just accepts 'deluge' as a pw (no username) but this doesn't work, neither does using root/root pw. I'm baffled! :)

    Great work on this addon - thank you!

    Is there a way of enabling access to Deluge from the Deluge desktop client instead of going via Deluge's web interface? When I try to add the libreelec deluge client to the connection manager in the desktop client it always displays a red status light and won't let me connect. The only way I can remotely connect is via the web port and then open the 'local' connection. I used to have it running when I had Deluge installed on my own Raspbian/Kodi install. I've since switched to LibreELEC for convenience.