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    Hi I was using raspberry but now with new TV I need to buy new player, I have tested any players but with UHD not work good, you can tell me any product for good performance with good processor and Lan 1 GB?


    Libreelect installed with noobs 2.7.0 and previous, only LIbreelec always hung updating the collection, impossible to ficnish, how I can

    I do the next steps for install:

    - copy noobs 2.7.0 to sd, put the sd into raspberry by 3 model b and connect to the power.

    - when boot only select LibreELEC 17.6

    - when start prior to add the sources for video, music and pictures change in the addon settings for The Movie Database keep Original Title to and preferred language and certification country to es and The TVDB the Language to es for search in the correct language and after I add one path to my Synology NAS

    - Now I add two folder for movies, all by SMB one for adult and other for children, the some for children and the same for tvshows, total 4 folders, and one for music and other for pictures, 6 in total and then scan the collection. Change in the media settings to

    With only this steps never finish the scanning, the screen go to black or hung in the menu and all hung, can't access by ssh and I have to power off.

    Also change in the media library in Library-Video Library "update library on startup and to Raspberry works with my remote I go to ssh and I do the next for my T3 remote:

    1. cd /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/
    2. curl -o /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks.rules \
    3. curl -o /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks-rm.rules \

    I reboot and the system hung scanning the library.

    After hung when reboot not all information is saved correctly, with only 4 folders for video before to add music and pictures the pastebin is 17hW. Whit only this 4 folders the system hung also.



    - Raspberry pi 3 model b

    - Installation noobs 2.7.0 only LIbreelec

    - Files on Synology DS515+ by SMB

    Hi NetVicious I was looking and I see the link you say, this work for my T3 buy in Aliexpress, but not work te button with two windows up to the cursor keys in the rigth.

    Do you work this button?

    Is possible map that button and the button Enter to do other functions?

    I tried to see the scancodes with command getscandodes but the screen not shown any code or similar so I find this:

    1. systemctl stop kodi
    2. systemctl stop eventlircd
    3. evtest /dev/input/event0

    You can change for the T3 evtest /dev/input/event0 for evtest /dev/input/event1 for test the air mouse or evtest /dev/input/event2 for key specials like explorer, mail and others.

    Then you can map the keys yo can see this link HOW-TO:Modify keymaps - Official Kodi Wiki

    After you can restar the services:

    1. systemctl start eventlircd
    2. systemctl start kodi
    3. evtest /dev/input/event0

    I see the any blue keys not send any scancode if airmouse is disabled, this can be changed to assign other function?