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    Not quite the exact problem i encountered but as it seems DVD playback is not quite functional in Krypton. My DVD's (ripped them to ISO format on my NAS) eventually will start to play. Just have to wait long enough for it to start. Think it has something to do with commercial's etc that play before you get to the menu. For now i stick with Jarvis untill i've converted them all to mkv. After that i can switch to Krypton without problems.

    I was/am having the same issues with Kodi Krypton. Through testing i found It's not limited to LibreELEC.

    I foun out this same behavior is visible on a Kodi Krypton install via ppa on Ubuntu and any Krypton build on my Wetek hubs (haven't tried Krypton on my Pi) Also tried a agile leia build from GDPR-1 and the problematic DVD's seemed to play fine on that.

    I will see if i have any additional log files from the devices i tried it on. But i personally recently made the decision to convert all my DVD's to mkv. Have no need for the menu, extra's etc. Although that may not be something you may wish to do.

    I have the same problem with an LG 42SL8000. Disabling the keep-alive option for sound resolved it for me.

    Strange, that's the version I am using and it does not work for me.

    Late response from but does Kodi show your movie as 3D in the library? I've had some issues with files not named correctly and as a result Kodi did not play it as 3D correctly.
    This page on the kodi wiki helped me a lot: 3D - Official Kodi Wiki It seemed that adding HSBS, HOU or HTAB in addition to the 3D in the filename did the trick for me.

    Sadly have not had the time to test the beta2 build yet only the beta1 build over the weekend. Have to say the i am starting to like Krypton more and more. Navigating the menu is noticably a lot faster than Jarvis on my Wetek Hub. Only problems i had was playing 3D movies (TV doesn't pick up on 3D like with Jarvis build) but then again 3D is defined as experimental so can't complaining about that ;). Other problem that i have is that some DVD iso's don't play (start's playing the "commercial clips" but doesn't reach the DVD menu) This happens on all Krypton builds i tried so is not specifically related to your build. Will be testing beta2 build next weekend. Thanks once again for all your hard work.

    I have .011 installed and watch a lot of 3D movies. Far as I can tell it works good. Only thing is that when watching 3D I have to adjust the overscan fro the video and change it back once the movie is done.

    Not sure how to exactly describe the issue, but it looks like the image is shifted to the left a bit, thus a small part of the left side of the image is shown on the right side of the screen, while there's a black bar on the left side; about the same size. Increasing the overscan get's rid of this issue.

    So, in my opinion, 3D is OK, but it could use some improvement.

    Thanks, good to know. Will test this build as soon as i can.

    In the first post I see the following known issue since 010

    • 3D support is experimental and not tested.

    I'll be updating my "main" box soon to the .011 32 bit build. Will be a new install on new microsd card. I play 3D movies quite regurarly on my main box so was wondering if there is anything that i need to look out for in regards to 3D? Also let me know if there is anything specific that you need tested. If all goes well on my main box I'll also update my 2nd box to the same build.

    Not based on any actual testing and knowledge of keymap used but this might have something to do with it:


    Go to to next chapter in video. If no chapters, then step forward 10 minutes in video. (v13 Gotham addition)


    Go to previous chapter in video, If no chapters, then step back 10 minutes in video. (v13 Gotham addition)
    Keymap - Official Kodi Wiki

    Might be worth checking?

    Should be fixed in beta 5 see changelog on my hub everything plays very well

    Also tried the latest LibreELEC build for the wetek hub, which should include beta 5, but the issue remains. Granted most files play but not all. It looks like kodi is unable to get to the DVD menu. The playback/time bar gets stuck.

    Tried this build. Looks promising but sadly found that it won't play some of my DVD iso files. They play just fine Jarvis both with and without hardware decoding. It freezes trying to get to the DVD menu. Also tried the "official" build for the wetek hub and it has the same problem. So it seems to be Kodi related. I'm not quite sure where to file this as a bug.