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    thanks, I will try it. The M8S L has some buttons more which could get used like for "Tabulator" on keyboard (change between Movie/Music/Picture and menu-overlay) or a button for "jump directly to Mainscreen". I would use the 2 buttons in the upper middle (mute and Internet) for that.

    Whats the difference between 8.2 and 8.9 builds?

    @ techguru:

    I have this one since yesterday. I would try to modify the original config, unluckily I installed to internal before saving the config from android. Would you please upload the android remote config?

    I have the Meecool M8S L 3gb/32gb with 912 now.

    Since auto framerate switching with Android/Kodi didnt work and since OS booting/handling from SD card was quiete slow (I only had an old one, the newer ones all where 64gb) I installed directly on internal memory. Worked perfect, had to do the process twice like describend in the libreElec How-to.... Threat.

    It regonizes at least my wireless netwoorks 2,4 and 5ghz, didnt connect it. I used 100mbit lan. I can make a test if wanted.

    It is slower in menu navigation (loading pictures) then my AtomLake Board, but it runs ALL formats I have, also the 4K movies (even high bitrate remuxes). But with 4K movies you realise the ethernet limit, buffering after jumping chapters takes longer then with fullHD movies. Since I am using a fullHD TV I cant test HDR, but HDR sources get shown on my TV a little dark, but usable. All Audioformats inclusive Atmos and DTS:X work good. I have one problematic Atmos Trailer which produces an audio drop for 2 seconds on all Kodi devices (J4205 Apollo lake with LE and Windows/Kodi + MEECOOL on Android/Kodi and Libreelec) but not on my iconbit XDS1003.

    The remote doesnt work with libreelec but I found the FAQ about that problem, unluckily I installed to iternal without saving the remote.conf from Android before. I have to check if I can find it in the original firmware images.

    LiveTV with my DVB-C Server works perfectly. These players are really awesome for this little price (50€ inclusive shipping from german warehouse).

    It is my first Amlogik android box. I have some experience with Odroid C2 and Pi3.

    For the case I would switch back to dualboot: Does anyone know how to install amazone prime? I did it testwise with an APK I found in the internet, but it always crashed when I started a movie.

    Question: Which 912 box would be preferred with gigabit network? H96 pro?