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    Here's the sample: Star Wars - The last Jedi.sample.e-ac3.DV.mp4

    It is now possible to create DV profile 7 .mp4 files.

    The limit is only one audio track in ac3 or e-ac3 codec.


    Dolby Vision now possible through MP4 Mux. -

    Tested on LG 55C7V player => Dolby Vision

    Tested on U9-H with CoreElec 9.0.1 => HDR10.

    It works for me now too! Hooked up 2 Atmos speakers so I guess the receiver didn't bother showing Atmos on the input signal when it couldn't use it. /shrug

    Yes, to display "Atmos" the receivers need :

    - a dolby Atmos track encoded in TrueHD (with objects)

    - a 5.1.2 speakers configuration

    With a 5.1 configuration the receiver will decode and display TrueHD.

    exemple of track with Dolby Atmos

    oh wow, thanks for saving me alot of time, guess everything it working as it should

    thankyou very much for taking the time mate

    note that you have sounds on the "Dolby Atmos" second film.

    But it doesn't work on the TrueHD track, it works because the second film have a E-AC-3 (DD+) encoded track.

    Thanks to PJohnny

    After your post, I checked my setup again (U9-H-RX-V681-LGC7) and discovered that the 4: 4: 4 10-bit black screens were caused by the use of HDMI5 on the RX -V681. HDMI5 is not compatible with HDCP2.2. By connecting the box to a HDCP2.2 port solved the black screens.



    I wanted to try the 8.2.4 for the HDR chroma bit depth 4:4:4 10 bit on U9-H, but i had some "no signal" screens on LG 55C7.

    I discovered that the culprit is the Yamaha RX-V681 who doesn't like the 4:4:4 10 bit signal.

    I don't know why ... The Yamaha documentation says it's 4:4:4 10 bit compatible in "HDMI 4k mode 1" ... i tryed but it doesn't work.

    U9-H directly connected to the 55C7 : 4k hdr video play normally in 4:4:4 10bit

    U9-H -> RX-V681(HDMI in 4k mode 1) -> 55C7 : HDR logo on the tv immediately followed by a "no signal" screen.

    The U9-H needs to be connected to the RX-V681 to have the HD sounds (DTS-HD, Atmos)

    So, do you think you could add the others 10 bit chroma 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 in a future release ?

    Thanks for your work.