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    Just as information,

    even in version 1.1.2 my Logitech remote not works with Genuine-SMK-Media-Center-USB-RC6-IR-Infrared-Remote-Receiver


    (for comparison) 1.1.1

    and also for comparison the working release from kszaq

    8.0 differs greatly from 9.0 some USB devices can cause a problem

    Can you run the following command on your box and post the results
    `cat /proc/bus/input/devices`

    Thank you for your answer

    Here the result:

    Great job, thanks!

    Unfortunately, my remote control receiver: Genuine-SMK-Media-Center-USB-RC6-IR-Infrared-Remote-Receiver

    does not work with your release.

    I use the IR receiver for my Harmony 700 so that all buttons work in Kodi.

    In kszaq release it works without problems.

    Please, can you do something there?