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    Have a look at the command fw_setenv

    Thanks, Tim_Taylor. The advice above said not to use fw_setenv if the fw_printenv didn't show a valid result, I've got a CRC error, and I think it may point to a larger issue.

    Also - the permissions on the file /etc/fw_env.config are set to 0664. I get an error when I try to modify the file with nano, and chmod says:

    chmod: /etc/fw_env.config: Read-only file system

    My Libreelec is on a SD card (not NAND) if that is material?

    Thanks - it returns a similar error, but seems to have tripped the pastebin function:

    # fw_printenv | paste

    Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment


    PS - here is a dmesg paste: eEGd - I've noted the fw_printenv paste indicates an armv8 CPU, but my S802 is armv7, which agrees with the dmesg. Is there a way to correct the u-boot environment somehow? (I'm assuming that is what is incorrect)

    @Xe Sorry for bumping an older post, but I'm in need of your help.

    When I run the command above, it shows that there is bad CRC:

    fw_printenv | grep ethaddr

    Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment

    Both of my boxes running LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.2-S82 (by Demetris) seem to be impacted. Is this easy to fix?


    These boxes must use the S82 image Beelink S82, Orbsmart S82, Tronsmart S89(-H), MXIII(2G)

    Thanks, Demetris. If I may suggest, updating the OP to delineate this would be extremely helpful as I was very confused about what image to use. Going purely based on the existing OP, it seemed that the MXIII image was the right one as mine is badged as MXIII.

    Many thanks for your efforts on this distribution of Libreelec - it has breathed a new life into still useful hardware!

    Thanks again Kshi!

    I bought these boxes a couple of years ago, but found them pretty limited at the time.

    Thanks to the efforts by devs like Demetris my box actually 'got better with age'.

    I started with the MXIII builds and 'upgraded' using the latest 8.2.2 S82 .tar file, but I will go back at some point to see if I could have just used the S82 SD image. I did issue the 'touch /storage/.update/.nocompat' from SSH prior to performing the update - maybe not needed if you start from S82?

    Also, I haven't been able to boot my box via USB yet, so it took me a while to figure out for my hardware, a SD card was needed.

    BTW - Is S82 short for S802/S8x2?

    Hey Kshi - thanks for your help. Yes, I've flashed the image 'Tronsmart' to my boxes. Android works fine on both WiFi and Ethernet.

    In terms of a sticker, there is a sticker with a serial number which ends with a space, then 2G in the device itself. The box has a couple of stickers, but no MAC. Looks like a vendor sticker probably: 'InstaBox MXIII Android 4.4 .... 4G Wifi with Remote Control'

    Another sticker with the following info:

    Ram; 2GB

    Rom: 8GB

    Wifi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

    BT: Bluetooth 4.0

    Input: DC 5V 2000mA

    OS: Android 4.4.2

    lbes150 has a build for LAN_100

    CPUZ is only through Android as far as I can tell.

    Note that for a LAN 100 box Demetris does not have a build - wish he did. That is likely your issue. balbes150 does and you can find it at these links -

    LibreElec — Yandex.Disk

    Note that I am having problems with my LAN_100 box and balbes150's builds, but that could be unique to my set up.

    Gotcha - thanks for the info.

    Demetris - any chance of making the 100Mbit boxes work with your builds?

    PS - CPU-z says I have the k200 board, but I also flashed a Tronsmart rom to my box a while ago. Is it reading the rom or hardware signature?

    Can you be specific about the model ie: - MXIII-G, MXIII Plus - in particular ram and wifi/ethernet capability. CPU-Z may help (Android).

    I have an MXIII-G (generic) with 2G/8G, 2.4 and 5 wireless/1000mps LAN. I'm using Demetris's latest rom 8.2.2 and the wifi/ethernet are working perfectly. I flashed with the remote.conf, nocompat and tar for the mxiiiplus build and have been doing so since the RC builds.

    doggyofone - thanks for your reply. The unit itself is 'badged' with MXIII-2G. I'm pretty sure its the S802, with 2G RAM, 8G ROM. 100Mbit, and only 2.4MHz WiFi (not dual band). It does have Bluetooth. That said, when I set the port to 1000Mbit, it seemed to still get a link - its just not pulling an IP and static addressing doesn't work either.

    Unfortunately I've only got access via SSH right now as I'm not at home - that is why I pulled the info from the CLI - I assumed that diagnostic info might shed some light.

    Is there a way to run CPU-Z from the Libreelec CLI?

    Thanks for your help!

    Hello there - I'm running a MXIII-2G running the LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2-MXIII-PLUS.img.gz image. I'm unable to use the ethernet port - it shows up in ifconfig, and I've tried forcing the port to operate at 100mbit, but it still doesn't pull an IP. I've tried a static address as well, and that didn't work.

    I'd appreciate any tips - here is a link to the dmesg | pastebinit : BdbE

    fw_printenv | pastebinit output: VXVZ