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    First of all thank you for the 8.90.3 build. It's running great on my Mecool K3 pro box. However, I have a small problem with tvheadend. The one of the repo works perfectly for FTA. However, when inserting a CA line, tvheadend keeps restarting on non-FTA transmissions. When using the tvheadend version of found in the K3 pro thread, this works perfectly fine but introduces another problem: Recordings can be started (and work well). However, when ending the recording LE still thinkgs that recording is going on (red point, indication in TV menu and so on). Ending the recording again will open a pop up saying that recording cannot be ended and logs should be checked. Logs do not contain anything useful. So I guess its either a problem with tvheadend server or client. Any ides on that?


    Thank you for your build. I am using it for Mecool K3 pro. I have a small problem with tvheadend. when using it for encrypted channels, it will continiously restart. Without any CA entry it is OK. When using a tvheadend build from K3 pro thread, it works. However, when stopping a recording tvheadends still thinkgs, recording is running. Any idea?

    That's what i did. I upgraded first and used the webinterface to configure and scan. The interface displays all adapters correctly. However, scan does not find a single channel. VDR has the same problem. Wirbelscan plugin does not find any channel. If I copy a valid channels.conf to libreelec version, vnsi will get no valid data, which means no TV reception.

    Using Android (VTV app) the lock LED (blue) only is on in case of a tuned DVB-S channel. Using LINUX its always on directly after kernel module init (firmware upload). Card is not tuned at this moment and cannot have a lock.

    I will follow your suggestion again this evening and redo all steps. Thank you for your support. I highly appreciate it!

    Edit: I just tested afl1's libreelec (TVH identical to the number provided) and also kszaq's (older TVH). Both do not work. I need to correct myself. Blue lock LED is already on while booting libreelec. This is not the case while booting Android. There the blue DTV lock LED is off and only turns on in case of an lock. Could there be a problem in dtb file?

    The link is HXTY

    As you can see, DVB adapter is there. It is also available in device tree. However, it does not work. In oppoiste to Android the blue lock-LED on DTV board is always on.


    Dear all,

    First of all I would like to thank kszaq for the nice S912 build, which I am using with Khadas VIM2.

    kszaq said that DTV board was working with this build. I can see the /dev/dvb/adapter0 device tree. However, neither VDR nor TVHeadend can tune a DVB-S channel.

    Any ideas/hints are highly appreciated.

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