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    Today i cant connect via Spotify Connect to librespot. I tested my smartphone and tablet, both show me librespot. When i choose librespot it shows "connect..." and thats it. Works few weeks ago, changed nothing in my setup. I try to reboot my Pi, deinstall and install the addon. Nothing help...


    few weeks ago i have to reinstall my pi with libreelec. Sadly spotify connect web is not longer available :( I try librespot and i have two problems.

    1. There is a little break between two tracks. I listen often mixes like a state of trance. It is possible to get seamless change between two tracks?

    2. My ip is 24/7 online and connected with ethernet. When i dont listen music for some hours or days, i cant find librespot in my spotify app. I have to reboot the pi, then i can connect with librespot.

    Both works fine with spotify connect web.

    Sorry for my bad englisch :(