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    You are right milhouse !!
    I have several RPi all them in cases and I was 100% convinced that this one was one of my RPi3 but after opening the case I saw it was an old RPi1 B+ as you said.

    I apologise for this silly mistake.

    Thanks so much you all !

    But as far as I see on Rufus web site it is for Windows and it creates bootable USB drives.

    I have no Windows computer. I have Mac and Linux.

    And the bootable device is for Raspberry 2/3 so it must be a SD card, no USB drive

    The image I have downloaded with the LE tool is LibreELEC-RPi2.arm- (selecting RPi2/3 devices).

    For the test creating the bootable SD with the Ubuntu Startup USD/SD creator I directly downloaded LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-

    And as I described, both produce the same non-booting problem.


    I have created a bootable SD with the tool for a Raspberry Pi 3 but it does not boot.

    When powering the RPi it displays the initial color gradient splash screen and nothing happens afterwards.

    I have tried creating on Linux (Kubuntu 16.04) and Mac OS X (El Capitan).

    Then I tried creating the SD with the Startup Disk Creator and the downloaded image and same result.

    Just to be sure that the SD itself is bootable I downloaded the Raspbian Lite image and again using Startup Disk Creator I got a bootable SD.

    My conclusion is that the problem must come from the LE image but I am not sure.

    Any help?