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    Hi kszaq:

    I just want to double check -- I was using mythtv addon, trying to stream the NFL network TV channel. So it appears to me that the issue is the hardware decoding (GPU) was somehow not enabled/used properly in the latest version, so that all of the video decoding was carried out by all 4 of the CPU cores. (Whereas with the earlier 8.0.2 image, the GPU was in use and works really well).

    Please let me know if you still think I should start a new thread & I'd be happy to.



    Newbie here :)

    So happy to find this forum!

    I have a MXIII 4K unit, looks to be S812 based with 2G/8G.

    Just tried LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2.img after LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.5_20171102-MXIII_Plus.img -- both on USB via multiboot. Both booted up properly & mythtv addon both functioned, with wired connection. Wireless connected, but have not tested with streaming yet.

    Want to report a curious observation: with LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.5_20171102-MXIII_Plus.img, with all of the hardware decoding options turned on, it was not able to keep up with NFL network channel, which was streaming at around 2MB/s -- video was in slow motion, and constantly skipping. I ssh'ed into the box, and top revealed kodi.bin was running at near 300% of the CPU (keeping all 4 cores at above 70%). I fiddled with the the hardware acceleration options, no change.

    (I tried to google for some command line to check for the GPU utilization, but was not able to find any.)

    So I decided to give the 8.0.2 image a try. Same setup, this time, streaming NFL network channel, still at around 2MB/s, kodi.bin used only about 60% of CPU in total. And the video images were very smooth and pretty.

    So I am wondering whether the GPU codec or utilization between the two version have changed, or whether there are any configurations adjustments that I have missed. Thanks for the help!

    And, a HUGE thanks to balbes50 for making all of these work and making them available -- otherwise I was about to give up on this unit altogether!

    One more thing, when I tried to switch over to 4K resolution, both versions shrank the display to the top left quardrant. Are there settings to adjust for this too? Thanks!