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    Kinda confused by this thread. It has s802 in the title but, as I'm understanding this Demetris is no longer building for Amlogic s802. Do I understand about that correctly? Still, it seems some of his older builds for s802 might be available at the links given in the OP. If that's the case, how do I tell which build is for Amlogic s802? Also, have I understood correctly that these builds are for writing to SD card so that the OS boots from it rather than from the box's internal ROM? Clarifications will be appreciated.

    PS Currently nursin along my older box with MyGica, which works acceptably for now. Would like to try out LibreELEC though.

    I managed to load an older version (6.something, I believe) of openelec onto my Goobang Doo M8 s812 box about a year ago and it's been working great, if a bit outdated now (kodi 16--see [ROM] OpenELEC for Amlogic-based TV boxes (M8, MXQ, TV110, MX2/G18) - After doing that I started researching the openelec project and discovered libreelec. It looks like libreelec builds referenced in this thread could offer an upgrade path for my somewhat dated hardware. But I'm kind of reluctant to give them a try given that the openelec build I'm on is working great and currently has all functionality I need from it. Any other users in this thread with a box like mine do an upgrade from an older openelec or libreelec version? Were you happy with the results? If so, I'll be interested to hear your input.