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    Does this work on S912 hardware?

    I've seen reference to that kind of hardware on the Moonlight GitHub. I guess so because there are sources files specific to sxxx hardware, I guess you can find which one is supported or not.

    HI I'm trying to compile the latest version of moonlight binaries and I'm struggling with the dependencies issues on LibreElec.

    As LibreElec is missing a lot of dependencies (and may even use different versions of some libraires), I'm trying to compile the binary in static mode, but I just can't get to it, even by modifying the makefiles created using the cmake command.

    As I clearly can see that the current version has been compiled that way, can someone tell me how to perform that?

    For info I'm simply trying to get the 2.4.4 moonlight to work on my Intel Nuc, and trying to add the X11_vaapi option in the binary (which is currently only using SDL ie software unaccelerated decompression). I'm compiling under a Debian 9 VM and except this library dependencies issues I'm almost done.

    I'm also struggling with the ffmpeg_vaapi source file using a (apparently) deprecated structure version but I can leave without the vaapi acceleration.

    I'm afraid I can't help, I have an Haswell NUC on which v107 of the plugin works correctly after modifying the in order not to use pulseaudio instead of the Rpi sounddriver (sbmxxxx I think).

    On the video side, as SDL compilation option means it'll be all software decompression on intel CPU/GPU, you should not have any video issue on the decompression side.

    For x86, the X11 option (and X11_VDPAU if you have an NVidia GPU) is interesting as you can get the hardware decompression acceleration via the vaapi like in kodi. Unfortunately the current version of the addon binary does not include the X11 platform, only SDL.

    Maybe you should look on the refresh rate option side and make sure the binary is launched with the correct options.

    On my part I modified the script to have sound working, and try to solve my controller issue (with no luck unfortunately, that's why I'm asking to upgrade to 2.4.4 which is supposed to do the trick).

    Edit: I have the latest LE 8.2 stable version


    Would it be possible to update to 2.4.4?

    I would gladly test it for Intel NUC, although there should be no major issue since there should be no new dependency.

    Current compilation options do work for me with SDL, however I'm wondering if it uses vaapi hardware acceleration (apparently not), which is a platform option with X11.

    If compiled with the X11 option (not the X11_VDPAU as I do not have any NVidia hardware to test on) we may get working hardware acceleration on Intel GPU, instead of full software h264 decompression.