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    In case anybody is interested:

    You can open the case and solder a serial connector.

    How to Open Tronsmart Vega S89 (Elite) and Access the Serial Console

    Connect to your PC, switch on and immediately press enter to interrupt auto boot. (timeout is 1 or zero)

    More or less bricked my Orbsmart. Tried to boot your Libreelec kernel of build 821. But the kernel doesn't boot. Do I need some params?

    do you have any suggestion how to write the Libreelec system into rom? It's a squashfs archive. I cannot write this into /dev/block/system directly?


    Still trying.

    The images are meant to flash with windows software? Tells "parse burning iamge fail". img files don't look like official android update imgs!

    The zip files are meant to be installed through recovery update? Don't work either. Unzips to /tmp/ but to me it looks like it does not start the update script.

    how do you install the tar files?

    any help would be appreciated

    Excuse me, could anybody give a hint how to load the LibreElec builds into ROM on my Orbsmart S82?

    TWRP-k200 doesn't work. Android ROM Manager Apps all fail. Windows program doesn't load the libreelec images. stock recovery only does a factory reset.

    If I use DD to write KERNEL into BOOT and copy the files from SYSTEM-squashfs into SYSTEM-ext4-partition... will that work?



    Iv'e got the Orbsmart S82 and I cannot find a way to flash libreelec.

    TWRP k200 does not boot. (installed with DD)

    All those ROM apps just crash or don't do anything.

    Tried one of the Windows programs to flash, did not accept the file formats of libreelec download.

    So how the hell do you flash libreelec?

    I could flash SYSTEM into SYSTEM and KERNEL into boot using DD. But if this fails the box will be bricked.

    btw. did any of you succeed in opening the case? Maybe theres some serial line anywhere?



    I would like to install libreelec to my Orbsmart S82.

    I already installed TWRP but I cannot boot TWRP.

    I did not find a software for flashing from windows. (except amlogic which did not accept any of the images you provide)

    Could you give directions on how to install libreelec?

    I will try ADB or a terminal app for image backup... and maybe for installation as well. Which image format should I use for installation via dd?