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    Hey buddy

    I currently have you LibreElec 8.0.1 S802 build on my M8 box (works like a charm) and I'm looking to install LAKKA on the same box.

    Can you please describe how this is best done + where link me to where I can grab the necessary files?

    Many thanks and keep up the great work!

    Can anyone help me....

    I have flashed this perfectly fine and have a working remote control....but when I 'turn on' the Kodi Box (M8) it instantly turns itself off again. This happens a few times before it finally remains on. It's almost like someone is pressing a 'power off' button as soon as I power on. Any ideas?



    Firstly, thank you for all your hard work in creating these builds! Really appreciated by h whole community :)

    This is the box I have with remote pictured: M8 S802

    I hope you can help / find a solution. I was previously using your 8.0 build on my M8 S802 box and it was working fine, though yesterday I updated to 8.2. Everything installed correctly though on startup, my remote didn't work. I searched around and found the correct remote.conf file and placed it into the root directory of the Configfiles folder and the remote now works when the box is up and running.

    HOWEVER, when the box is turned off, i must press the red power button on the remote to turn it back on but for some reason, the box will turn on and off again (almost like a double press) within seconds. The only way to get the box to turn on is to physically kill the power to the box and then turn it back on again, this give it a hard-power-on.

    I have tried both disabling AND enabling LIRC in the LibreElec setting but it doesnt seem to help...

    Any suggestions?

    It seems the remote of my MXIII s802 1g/8g isn't working anymore. With and withour lirc enabled. usb keybaord works fine, so i can "control" the box. Any toughts on this? I spend a lot of time getting the box to run LE again. Needed to reflash stock android over otg, then flash 5.95.something openelec, and upgrade that to LE 8.2. Everything seems to work except ir remote.

    You need to find a working remote.conf for you box and place it in the Configfiles folder through Samba :)