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    And, to keep you updated, I solved my problem by (re)installing the Shortcuts addon with a zip file I downloaded from the official Kodi addon website.

    Kodi showed up a notification saying the skin shortcuts was updated (in version 1.0.17)

    Thanks for your quick answer.

    I was actually getting an error with Skin Shortcuts when trying to use such a skin (Artic:Zephyr) and, since I couldn't find the addon in the repo, I thought the addon was missing. But I understand from your answer, and a quick check on the official Kodi addon website, that such addons must be kind of hidden when browsing from LibreELEC, due to the category "library" (critical)

    Looking the logs from LibreELEC closer, it seems to be an error in the addon (and not the skin). But it's odd I don't have any error on my previous OpenELEC install.

    I had to revert to Estuary skin (which is not dependant on Skin Shortcuts) via the web interface, and for the moment I'm stuck with this one...


    First post here, I'm new to LibreELEC. I actually come from OpenELEC but I missed the bluetooth support for Cubox ;)

    I'm using a fresh install of 8.2.0, and i cannot find in the repos the skin shortcuts addon which is used by the few skins I'd like to use.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance