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    I have a QNAP TS251A with dual core intel celeron and 8GB of ram. As official Kodi support for QNAP products has been discontinued, i am trying to find another way to have KODI on my nas (which is always on and located next to the TV).

    My nas has virtualization capabilities, allowing the installation of a great variety of operating systems from BSD and linux to win 10. However in order to install an OS you have to provide an ISO of the installation media.

    Here start my problems, as the installation img of LibreElec cannot be mounted on my VM. I tried converting it to ISO with a couple of tools but I cannot boot from it. I have also tried to make a bootable USB, but booting the VM from USB is not possible (I even tried plop boot manager).

    Any suggestions on how to install LibreElec on my NAS?