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    Im having a whole slew of problems with this latest build, i can only get a minimx to boot on screen successfully maybe 30% of the time, LE is running because i can see it via SSH but i get no video output on my display, when i do get output, most bluray video is totally unwatchable with a slight judder, all UHD content suffers immensely and is unwatchable with passthrough audio out of sync and extreme choppiness. Do logs help you out?

    im coming from Kerbers 16.1 builds which dont seem to suffer from any issues other than being outdated

    I will include a patch from Wrxtasy's C2 buils to see if this can be addressed. Unfortunately I don't have 2160p capable TV, you'll have to test is yourself.

    I have no plans to provide alpha builds. When LE 8.0 enters beta stage, there will be builds from me.

    Thank you, yes this was also an issue with early OE builds that was addressed so thats probably the patch that will fix it ;-)

    ill test the build fully and report in when a new build is released,

    Good Work and thanks again!

    testing this build on a 1GB MiniMX, 2160p resolution is not working correctly, i set the resolution in the menu and the image occupies only the bottom left 25% of the TV, this continues after a reboot also. so basically the device is only working @ 1080p resolution currently, i didnt bother to even try and play any files yet, Any thoughts on rebasing and starting from Krypton seeing as thats just around the corner and has many improvements and changes over v16.

    Thanks again.