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    All right, thank you.

    It seems that I can only try to recompile a customized mirror for my customer.

    LilSnoop40 please give me a little more time.

    If I don't succeed, I will agree with you to return your 5 products. But I want you to understand the difficulties that we have as an Amazon seller. I can't get my chip provider (RTL) to standardize its drive. Because we're just one of the small suppliers of it.

    But, I hope you can see our sincerity. Just because you're our user, we want to make you feel good!

    Hello LilSnoop40,

    According to the screenshot in your email, I finally found it here.

    I'm glad you can talk to us about our products. Thank you for your technical testing and comments on our products.

    In order to allow the LibreELEC system to better support our card, I sincerely hope that we can consider chewitt NIC driver is added to the original LibreELEC image file, so that our common users have incomparable quality experience.

    Our Linux-Driver is not the only Android related files, please go to the ./driver directory view. In this, I deliberately upload this driver to the annex, to facilitate chewitt download.

    We also hope to cooperate with you all the time, thank you.