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    For people that have the M8s Pro l box with libreeelc installed to SD card.

    When you reboot or cold boot, does it boot back to libreelec, or do you have to boot android and do the update trick to get back to libreelec?

    I seem to have issues with 2 Win 7 PCs being able to cast to my MK808Bplus running Other (Windows 10) PCs can cast to it, but if the win7 PC tries, it reports that device is not responding.


    Paste output ======== /flash/config.txt ============== ======== /flash/cmdline -

    It looks like it crashes libreelec UPNP as after a win7 pc has tried to Play to it, the device disappears from my win10 pc "Cast to" section.

    The issue seems to be unique to the mk808bplus as the win7 pcs can cast to my s905x device, also running

    Would appreciate some help on this as it's for my father who is unwell. ( I can't convince him to update from Win 7!)

    Can anyone else try using “play to” from their windows 7 pc to this s805 build please?

    For reference, i just got a Tonbux T11 2nd hand for £10.
    It does have a reset button inside the AV socket.

    Booted to a libreelec Micro SDcard using cocktail stick.

    WIFI works, but i'm having a few strange random freeze issues.

    I used gxl_p212_1g.dtb and LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-

    It mainly seems to happen if I am installing an addon or starting a video.
    CPU aarch64 rev4 is reporting as 127F ( 52C) so i presume this isn't the CPU temp sensor bug?

    Logs uploaded to YAfa

    When reproducing the issue in these logs I installed Tvheadend, got a few freezes, then when i went to press settings to go and upload the logs, it froze for a couple of seconds. Other times it has locked up solid.

    EDIT: Looks like it might be the SDcard. Installed libreelec to a Sandisk Extreme USB stick and it flies now!