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    Hi, i use an old Mac mini with a MCE RC6 USB IR receiver and a MCE remote with LibreELEC. However i also use a AppleTV 3 Gen (with the aluminium IR Remote) on the same TV. Whenever i press buttons on the Apple remote LibreELEC responds to it which makes my AppleTV unusable. I had this issue ever since i started using LibreELEC but it could be fixed with unchecking the following option:

    Settings / Services / Control / Application control: Allow remote control from applications on this system: unchecked

    Today i upgraded from 9.0.2 to 9.1.502 and now this option has no more effect. Is there any other way to make LibreELEC stop responding to an AppleTV IR remote?


    Hi, for some games like "Mario Kart" you need additional files like "dsp1b.rom" otherwise they won't start. Which folder do you have to put these .rom-files? Libreelec Version is 9.0.1. Thanks

    Edit: Found it: it's .kodi/userdata/addon_data/game.libretro.bsnes-mercury-$VARIANT/resources/system

    I am PXE-Booting everything with UEFI32/64 for some years now. While SYSLINUX is the best option for PCBIOS i had trouble with SYSLINUX and UEFI-PXE. I can highly recommend iPXE which works like a charm. I am booting my Mac-Mini in UEFI mode with LibreELEC this way every day.

    if you want your machine to autostart (i.e. resume after power loss) setpci is really handy. setpci is not part of libreelec but as far as i can see it just takes one line to modify in the source code to make libreelec come with setpci: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    line51: rm -rf $INSTALL/usr/sbin/setpci

    so it gets removed during the build process.

    i worked around this by compiling setpci on my own and call it via "" with "setpci -s 00:03.0 0x7b.b=19" to make my mac-mini autostart when i switch the power strip on my tv

    maybe setpci could be useful for more people

    This is a request for keeping a feature that is already working. Booting LibreELEC via PXE works perfectly and is really useful in HTPC environments. In the latest release OpenELEC removed PXE and iSCSI boot (is also mentioned in the changelog: "NFS, NBD, iSCSI Network boot support removed") and i've seen many people complaining about it. I really hope LibreELEC will keep the feature. Thanks