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    Not sure if this is the right place for this. Am running kodi 17.5 on a libreelec 8.2 box.

    I just set up new network with a different router.

    On my old network I simply entered the Qnap NAS SMB IP address, which was fixed, username/password into the 'add network location...' dialogue and it worked.

    This time, I do the same thing, but I get a 'no route to host' error. I can access the NAS from Mac using OSX without any problems so the drive is online. What does 'no route to host' mean in this situation? What should I check?

    The NAS has a fixed IP address.


    Hi All

    I have managed to run LibreELec from a USB drive on my Minix U1, but every time I try to run it from my Toshiba mSD card I get the Android screen with the green robot and the red exclamation mark, a list of options on the left like power down, reboot, etc.

    I've tried to read through the thread, but am not sure what can be done...To be honest I'm not very experienced so am not sure where to begin.

    Does this mean the mSD card isn't being read at all (the mSD slot on the Minix is poorly designed) or that this card has a problem...It's a brand new card with exactly the same device tree, image as the USB.

    How should I solve this?