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    I'm currently running the gxm_q200_2g device tree installed to memory on a Minix Neo U9.

    If I want to try out the minix specific tree do I just samba in and replace the dtb.img then reboot?

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this.

    There are a few of us that couldn't get the mSD card to work, AFAIK we just ended up installing right to the device. Someone posted that for what ever reason the mSD card is getting coded as read only but I don't know if that's the case or not.

    I never tried to use internal memory for data so I can't help you there. Hopefully someone can come along and help.

    Did you go into the advanced settings and activate the different options your receiver supports?

    Couple couple of questions, how much difference are we actually talking about? The current driver seems to work really well.

    Second how much money are we talking about? Is this something we could crowdsource if justified?

    Couple of odd things. First I actually sat down to watch a movie last night and I'm getting some intermittent micro stutter. It was late and I didn't bother checking to see if there were dropped frames but I'm just putting it out there.

    The second is more of an immediate concern. When I shut down down the MINIX U9 I then lose all HDMI audio in all other devices. The Minix snags control and won't relinquish it and that includes the Audio Return Channel. Yes I can disable the auto switching but then it's a PITA for my wife and kids. Right now I'm just going to leave the MINIX on, it can't draw that much power.

    I played with the CEC controls and took control away from Kodi, now it seems to work fine. I can shut off the MINIX and it auto switches back to ARC.

    Strange looks like the Samsung EVO+ and the Select microSDHC's have issues with AML S912's for some reason ?

    They work on all other AMLogic S8xx/S9xx platforms. Will change my SD card recommendations then.

    So IDK what's going on. I got the Sandisk Extreme micro SD card, used Rufus to load the LE image and the gxm_q200_2g.dtb file and after the Minix logo it's NOTHING but a blank screen, I reformat the LE image and this time I load up the gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb, I get the LE splash screen, it installs, does the whole countdown to reboot, reboots, shows the LE splash screen then goes to black, just like the EVO card did with the OTHER image. So I then grab my 6 year old Patriot 8Gb USB drive, stick it in and BAM it fires right up.

    Is something wonky with the sd card reader on these things?

    I need to now decide if I want to just install to the device or boot from the Patriot stick and then use the internal memory.

    ETA in a fit of frustration I just installed to the device and it's working PERFECT. Guess I'm sending this card back to Amazon as well.

    Strange looks like the Samsung EVO+ and the Select microSDHC's have issues with AML S912's for some reason ?

    They work on all other AMLogic S8xx/S9xx platforms. Will change my SD card recommendations then.

    Amazon should be delivering the new card today, I'll post up the results as soon as I can.

    Thanks feerlessleadr! I used the gxm_q200_2g.dtb file on a different USB drive and it works perfectly! The 4K game is strong, I'm bitstreaming like a champ and it's FAST. It's slow as hell to boot but when skipping around in files it's WAY faster than my chromebox. I can pull up a 4K movie, start it, skip to 20 min in and it begins playing almost instantly. FWIW I'm running an unraid server NFS connected to a gigabit network. What seems really strange to me is my Samsung TV remote actually kind of works with the Minix U9!

    So to recap, the Evo select card didn't work at all regardless of which IMG file I used, my old Patriot 8Gb usb drive didn't work with wrxtacy's file but it works great with the gxm_q200_2g file.

    I just returned the Evo card to Amazon and ordered a Sandisk extreme, we'll see how well that works. If it doesn't I might consider loading to the device.

    @feerlessleadr I have this exact same issue, EVO select card, MINIX U9-H, it shows LE splash screen and then goes black and nothing else shows up. I'm using the file that wrxtasy posted.

    How were you able to install to the device? I can see the assigned IP address in my router as LibreELEC but it won't let me SSH into it, keeps refusing the connection.

    ETA the LE computer shows up in Windows Explorer and I can now navigate the directories but I still can't SSH into it, screen is still black.

    Adding more info I just tried another display, time time a 1080P instead of my 4K and it does the exact same thing, LE splash screen then it goes black. Once the screen goes black the only way to reboot or turn off the U9 is to unplug it.

    I just tried a USB drive and the exact same thing happened.

    I tried just booting into the stock OS and it appears my remote is DOA as I can't navigate at all :/