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    Updated from 8.1.9 to 8.1.10 on Bqeel X9T and it's extremely slow.

    Videos themselves work just fine once they start, but navigating anywhere in the UI itself is a real pain.

    logging in via SSH and looking either performance with top or the log, nothing special happening.

    Any idea what could be the cause?


    Got a Bqeel X9T, or the box it came in just says "TV Box" model X95 , but in anycase an S912 device. This in amazon:


    Libreelec itself is running fine from SDcard.

    Tried searching, but could find really any info about how to make the LCD work. Currently it just shows "boot" permanently on it, as there's no control over it in libreelec.

    When searching for addons, I found two LCDproc addons, one specific to libreelec and one for XBMC.

    But couldn't really find any documenation for the libreelec addon.

    I'm assuming I need both? One for LCDproc itself (libreelec) to run the screen and other for controlling the content (XBMC)?

    If this combo should work, the biggest question is that which driver shuold I choose in the libreelec addon?

    I tried checking with lsusb on the box but that showed no devices, so any advice on how to get it working would be appriciated.