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    just registered to say a big shout out to KOPRajs

    thanks for putting in the work supporting our old amlogic mx2 type boxes

    my old box i gave to my brother was acting up with corruption related errors probably due to him just switching off through the mains rather than proper shutdown of the software and box the memory of the box seems to be broken

    however after a rather tedious process i got it back to 1.2.2 matricom firmware then managed to get openelec on it then updated it to your build, done the ssh addin but after originally working the memory corruption errors returned, so formated a mini sd card to ext3 and labled it like you said and although the micro sd card is slower than the box memory it works fine except for a bit of lag but thats because of the slow kngston micro sd card whcih i believe is class 4 (i thought the lower class ones were better for lots of small files, ahh well :( )

    i may update the sd card to a faster version or just leave as is but the real story is the box is back working

    thanks man :thumbup: