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    @Poklop maybe try new HDMI cables, HDMI v2.0 or better, and see if problem persists. And try a different source e.g. Bluray player to ensure the problem is not with TV settings. I state the obvious, because sometimes the solution is hiding in plain sight. :)

    Been there, tried that:) As mentioned earlier,7.x branch works fine

    You Must Provide Logs Or you May Be Ignored. Link #1

    It is known problem, not a bug report, logs won't help I guess.

    On my memobox UFO (s905x) the last version of libreelec which does not tint display is 7.x, 8.x and beta 9.x all suffer from massive purple tint. Would love to help with solving this issue if there is anything I can help with please let me know. Thanks