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    What issues were resolved? I have an M8 box now with the 8.2.2 image. Still have the same audio problems: I.e. DTS and DD does not work over the S/PDIF optical link. I can now choose S/PDIF as audio output but I still get only a short noise / screech and the silence whan playing DTS or DD content. GUI sounds work fine. Demetris

    I'm not using optical. Just HDMI. Audio has been working fine once again using those builds on the G-box Q and Q2 for me.


    Is this the reason for the broken audio in the last couple of updates for M8 and M8S?



    Initial patches to resolve the lack of pass-through HBR audio on NUC devices and similar with an internal DP > HDMI convertor were published recently. Testing has shown good results on Linux 4.13+ kernels but issues are seen with older Intel/NUC hardware using the 4.11 kernel used in LibreELEC 8.2. As a result these patches are not suitable for the 8.2.0 release and this minor issue will be resolved with LibreELEC 9.0 in the future.

    Last functioning release was 8.2.RC2 for M8 and 8.0.2 for M8S-PLUS. If the above is the reason, I'll have to wait for version 9, yeah?

    fquito and EBAL

    I'm currently using Demetris' S8X2 M8S-PLUS 8.0.2 on my G-Box Q2 and it's working flawlessly. I know it's a couple of versions behind, but the newer ones have problems playing back audio. Demetris take you're time. Like I said, it works fine as it is.

    Anyway, I don't have it running off an SD card. I flashed it onto the box directly. However I did at one point have it running from an SD by accident when I installed it wrong.


    If you want the SD boot:

    1. Download the LibreELEC installer from here: downloads – LibreELEC
    2. Download Demetris' M8S-PLUS image here: LibreELEC-S8X2.M8S-PLUS.arm-8.0.2.img.gz | by Demetris. for MXQ TV Box
    3. Select the file in the program and flash it onto the SD card you want to boot from
    4. Insert the SD card into the Q2 while unplugged
    5. Hold down the reset button inside the AV port hole (use a toothpick or something) while pluggin in the box. It should boot to the SD card then.

    If you want an internal boot there are a few extra steps:

    1. Since Demetris hasn't made zips for his packages, we have to find a work-around to start off with. Download from here: MEGA
    2. Insert your SD card to your computer. Make sure its formatted to FAT32.
    3. Copy the zip you downloaded to the SD card
    4. Hold down the reset button inside the AV port hole (use a toothpick or something) and plug in the box. It should boot to the internal flash recovery.
    5. Insert the SD card into the Q2.
    6. In the recovery options, choose "apply update from EXT", then choose your SD card and then choose the zip file. It should then flash LibreELEC to the internal memory of your box
    7. Once the box boots into LibreELEC, set up the start-up options (IP, name, ect) MAKE SURE SSH IS ENABLED
    8. From here, if you want a newer version of LibreELEC, you can download Demetris' 8.0.2 update tar here: LibreELEC-S8X2.M8S-PLUS.arm-8.0.2.tar | by Demetris. for MXQ TV Box (or a newer version if you're reading this in the future. Just remember: .ZIP is for hard flashing, .IMG.GZ is for image writing software, and .TAR is for updating.)
    9. Either through SSH and Windows or SFTP and Filezilla, access the .update folder on your box
    10. Copy the tar file you downloaded to that folder.
    11. When it's done copying, restart your box and you should see it update to the new version

    Hope this helps. It's almost entirely from memory so it's possible I forgot something.

    Wanted to pop in again and say thank you, Demetris. I should have done it last time.

    I've been using your builds since you took over from Drieschel and I've never even had to make an account because everything has always worked so well.

    You're doing some great work and it's well appreciated.


    I'm having the same problem across two devices with the last two updates.

    LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.RC4-M8.tar (and RC3) for the G-Box Q


    LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.RC4-M8S-PLUS.tar (and RC3) for the G-Box Q2

    I know the builds aren't built specifically for those boxes, but they're the same architecture and they've worked flawlessly up until the RC3 update. Anyway, the issue is that there is now no sound what-so-ever. As far as I can tell, the audio hardware is identical to the M8 as well. I'm not sure how to pull up the specs from the device though.